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New Krispy Kreme premium range includes sakura and matcha green tea doughnut cakes - RocketNews24
To add to their exclusive appeal, the doughnuts are only available to purchase from the Krispy Kreme JR Nagoya Takashimaya store in Aichi Prefecture . While the Premium Brulee Glazed Cream will be available at the store year-round, the sakura and bunny&nbsp.

Long-lost Lotus Sutra scrolls for third Tokugawa shogun found - Asahi Shimbun
Photo/Illutration A scroll of the chapter “Kejoyuhon” from the Lotus Sutra written by the monk Shunkai, accompanied with a gold-painted picture depicting a scene in the text. “Aoi” hollyhock crests are marked on the rod's tip and scroll's back side.

9 Tips for Train Travel in Japan
The future of train travel has already arrived ... Here are nine tips to make your journey even easier. 1. Purchase Your JR Pass Ahead of Time Save yourself time and purchase the Japan Rail Pass ahead of your trip. This special pass is only available.

Holcomb wraps up Japanese trade mission - The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Holcomb kicked off the trip with a visit to and Tochigi Prefecture , Indiana's sister state. He had a basketball free-throw contest with Gov. ... He spent the last three days in Aichi Prefecture , which is home to nearly 70 companies with operations in.

A Studio Ghibli Theme Park Is Set to Open in Japan in 2020! - POPSUGAR Australia
Expo Park (located in Nagoya, Japan ) already hosts a recreation of Satsuki and Mei's home from Hayao Miyazaki's film. But Studio Ghibli and Aichi administration are teaming up to expand the exhibit to 200 acres, which will be Ghibli's largest.

Prince Hotels Opens New Hotel in Japan's Third Largest City, Nagoya, Where Japanese History and Culture Abound
Aichi prefecture, where Nagoya is located, is composed of what historically was Owari and Mikawa provinces, and the three samurai (Nobunaga Oda [1534-1582], Hideyoshi Toyotomi [1537-1598], Ieyasu Tokugawa [1542-1616]) responsible for unifying Japan during.

Japanese GP Travel Guide
Every member of the team is required to have a visa, which increases the work load of the travel office. More than 70 per cent of Japan is mountainous. The landscape includes more than 200 volcanoes, the highest of which is Mount Fuji (3,776 metres.

Advice on travel; Shirakawa to Osaka (maybe scenic route) - Gifu Forum
In another forum I posted; ... I need to buy the tickets also. They say train travel from Takayama to Nagoya has a great scenery, but I am not sure if the bus in the morning has great scenery.

World War II practice bayonets discovered, evoking memories of Japan's wartime student military training - The Japan Times
The tip is covered with a rubber-like material. Branded on one of the four wooden rifles are the words “Belongs to Tsushima Junior High School, Aichi Prefecture ,” while two others have “In Commemoration of the 38th Graduation Ceremony.” The last one is&nbsp.

New Japanese cat cafe is so stylish it'd be worth a visit even if it was feline-free - SoraNews24
Adorable and entertaining as they may be, the majority of Japan's cat cafes don't really get such high marks for their interior design. If you've ever had a cat as a pet, you'll know how hard it can be to keep things tidy and scratch-free in the areas.

Krispy Kreme Japan's New Luxury Doughnuts Include Matcha and Cherry Blossom Flavors - The Daily Meal
Krispy Kreme is always rolling out new (and adorable) seasonal offerings, from heart-shaped Valentine's Day treats to America-themed doughnuts. Recently, Krispy Kreme Japan launched a line of “premium” doughnuts, which are made to look like high-end&nbsp.

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