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A decade of Traveller letters: Here are the most complained about aspects of travel - Traveller
Poor old Qantas – often saddled with its yoke, "our national carrier" – has come in for more criticism than most, along with other much-used travel providers such as Eurail, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and just about every other airline , railway and tour.

Flight Attendants Reveal the Secret to Sleeping Better on an Airplane
When it comes to air travel, making the most ... Follow USA Today’s tips for snagging a window seat before you board — even if you didn’t have the chance to grab one while originally booking your flight. Wanting to avoid a stiff neck is a pretty.

15 ways to save on travel, according to flight attendants - Business Insider
But in exchange, these airline employees have the opportunity to travel the world for work — and for fun — thanks to generous discounts and deals on airfare. "To say we are ... "Airfare is usually cheaper on Tuesday and Wednesday, as airlines have a.

Air travel tips for passengers with disabilities - Zawya
Air travel can be stressful for any passenger who considers himself physically fit, but when you have to factor in a physical or mental disability, getting from point A to point B by air can indeed become much more frustrating. Globally, airlines know.

Flight attendant reveals the disgusting reality of dealing with boozy passengers -
In an interview with The Sun, one stewardess for a top airline revealed how her colleagues have been punched in the face by aggressive passengers, and she's been offered a threesome while serving drinks. Kate* claims multiple men have propositioned her&nbsp.

Airline workers share their 22 best tips for making travel less painful
So we asked more than 80 airline workers including flight attendants, gate agents, ticket agents, and other airport customer service reps to share their best travel hacks with us, and we scoured the internet for even more. Here are 22 things that could.

Flying with babies or small children? Save a seat for sanity. - Washington Post
One dad admitted that on one plane trip , he let his kids drop items on the floor and then kick him in the head when he went to retrieve them. ... Tapping into the wisdom of expat parents, who almost always have loved ones situated on other continents.

Airline workers share their 22 best tips for making travel less painful - Yahoo7 News
Luckily, there are plenty of people in the airline industry who can offer extensive knowledge on the matter. So we asked more than 80 airline workers including flight attendants , gate agents, ticket agents, and other airport customer service reps to.

Secrets of a Pilot and a Flight Attendant: Travelogue Podcast - Condé Nast Traveler
Pleasant, eh? This week, we cornered two special guests, Captain John Cox, a veteran pilot with more than 14,000 hours in the air under his belt, and Sidra Burshteyn, a flight attendant and gate agent turned Condé Nast community manager, to ask what.

9 Genius Travel Beauty Tips from Flight Attendants (and the Products They Swear By) -
Whether you fly once a year to visit your grandma or are an international supermodel who essentially lives on a plane , it's a universal truth that flying can take its toll on your hair and skin. And for those of us who can't fly private in our laser.

In All My Years as a Flight Attendant, This One Passenger Is Truly the Most Memorable - HuffPost
I think many of us Flight Attendants have had people who have offered us incentives. It happens all the time. People come on the airplane with a box of chocolates (the most common), candy, or other treats like popcorn, and in a few cases, even hot food.

Best tips for flying: Carry-on luggage, stopovers and seats -
The US is Collette's home ground, so I travel there for work and frequently fly to the eastern states via Los Angeles, and my top tip for smooth connections through LAX is double check minimum connection times as the airport takes some navigation. A.

Never order THIS drink on a flight – the reason will disgust you - Daily Star
When you're flying , drinking fluid can seem like the best thing to do. It will keep you hydrated and will keep you body in check. However, a flight attendant revealed the one drink you should never order on a flight – water. Water is considered the.

Qatar Airways CEO Says 'Crap' US Airlines Employ 'Grandmothers' As Flight Attendants - Travel+Leisure
Qatar Airways boss apologises for calling US flight attendants 'grandmothers'

How to Cry on an Airplane Without Anyone Noticing - Travel+Leisure
It can be a comedy, an action-packed blockbuster, or even a nature documentary — anything with just the slightest hint of pathos will reduce me to a puddle of tears and give the passenger next to me cause for alarm. And I'm not alone. There is.

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