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This Airline Made a Snack Box to Help Calm Nervous Fliers - Travel+Leisure
This High-Tech Airline Food Actually Makes Flying Less Stressful The Daily Meal.

Travel Mistakes Everyone Makes During the Holidays
There is lots of air between the clothes when you fold them ... The timing is similar with hotels. The heaviest travel days are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Sunday and Monday after. High demand means high prices. “I personally never book.

Major Airlines Offering No-Frills Fares
Delta Air Lines plans to expand its basic economy service globally ... Overall, round-trip domestic travel over Thanksgiving is expected to be about 13 percent more expensive this year than in 2016, according to fare-tracking app Hopper.

A guide to Thanksgiving flying: 6 helpful tips - USA TODAY
O'Hare holiday travel tips : 7 experts map out their secrets Chicago Tribune.

The Surprising Reason Airplane Pilots and Co-Pilots Eat Different Meals - Food & Wine
Why Pilots and Co-pilots Can't Eat the Same Thing on a Flight Travel+Leisure.

Top Travel Insurance Tips for a Holiday Vacation - Travel Agent
quot;Many travelers take their yearly vacation during the holiday break, whether it's traveling home for Thanksgiving , Christmas in London or powder skiing in the Rockies," said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of, in a written statement.

16 essentials fitness model and NUFit founder Natalie Uhling never travels without
The Brussels sprouts slaw recipe you’ll ... counters and get their travel-sized samples that you love. That way they’re so small that you can take them anywhere. Try the minimalist approach to travel with these tips from the Marie Kondo of packing.

How a Fine-Dining Chef Tackles Boring, Bland Airplane Food - Food & Wine
“People expect their vacation to begin right away,” says Christophe Langrée, the chef of Le 10 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France. And now, for a chef who earned his Michelin star heading Le Clos du Chanoine in France's Saint-Maloe region before.

Stay Calm When Your Plane Hits Turbulence With This Simple Trick - The Daily Meal
When you're on a flight that hits a patch of turbulence it's natural to feel fearful as the plane seems to continuously fall and catch itself in midair. Many yell or make sounds that resemble people on a roller coaster, only there are no tracks.

Keep These Hurricane Food Essentials on Hand to Ride Out the Storm - Food & Wine
Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm is headed our way—with Tropical Storm Jose hot on her trail—and the East Coast will be forced to weather the storm just days after category 4 Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc across Texas and much of the Gulf Coast.

This Is the Most Affordable Time to Book Thanksgiving Travel -
Traveling during the holidays tends to be pricey, and finding the sweet spot when you can book flights and get the best price can be tricky. Luckily, Expedia recently reviewed all its data and surmised that the cheapest time to book Thanksgiving air.

Do You Have Business or Vacation Travel Plans Before Year’s End? Read These Tips First
Year-end business air travel tips from Google for the business traveler and holiday vacationer. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure during the next three months, be aware of this: Millions of Americans will fly somewhere for Thanksgiving this.

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