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Douglas Coupland: “Travelling is good for triggering creativity.” - Wanderlust
I went there, the best trip of my life, on an arts and supply binge. They do the best brushes, the best everything, in Kyoto. The concentration of stores is insane. I rented a car and driver and said "We're going to this supply shop, then this supply.

How hot weather – and climate change – affect airline flights - Malta Independent Online
Hot weather has forced dozens of commercial flights to be canceled at airports in the Southwest this summer. This flight-disrupting heat is a warning sign. Climate change is projected to have far-reaching repercussions – including sea level rise.

Albania's Xhixha Strikes Gold With Steel Sculptures - Balkan Insight
The internationally well known sculptor Helidon Xhixha is one of the many Albanians who – to get their art known in the world – migrated to the West in the early 1990s. However, for the sculptor who is best known for creating abstract forms from.

How to plan a post-Brexit holiday – from Serbia to the Lake District - The Guardian
Benefiting from being exotic, close to the UK, and outside the EU, Albania is a great option for independent travellers. It has spectacular mountain ranges, some quirky ancient towns and a fine stretch of unspoilt Adriatic coast. It also has a currency.

EU watches as Albania votes - euronews
A former foreign minister and former mayor of the capital Tirana, he accuses the government of failing to fight drug trafficking and organized crime – two major sore points in Albania's EU bid. Opinion polls give the Socialists a double-digit lead over.

How to survive the Canadian wilderness, as shown by Ray Mears
So what are Ray’s key tips for travelling in the Wabakimi wilderness? “Ultimately it depends on how you want to travel,” he says ... Arctic’s Edge’ project measures the effect of global warming on the permafrost near Churchill, Hudson Bay.

How air travel could be spreading THIS deadly disease - and there's no vaccination -
Related articles . TRAVEL WARNING: Holidaymakers warned about dengue fever PANDEMIC... Deadly dengue fever could spread to Europe because of climate change . Dengue fever outbreaks have increased in the past decade. A new study has found that&nbsp.

G20 stage set for climate change showdown - Deutsche Welle
On June 28, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Christiana Figueres joined with international scientists and business leaders to author a wishlist for the G20 - in the form of an article in the.

Has Flying Become More Eco-Friendly Than Driving?
By 1985, airline travel consumed only 4,950 BTUs per passenger mile ... Of course, that’s not to say that aviation-related emissions don’t contribute to global warming. In fact, a 2009 study in the journal Atmospheric Environment suggests that the.

A Brexit survival guide: freeze your cheese and holiday in Albania - The Guardian
Brexit is more than a possibility, if the polls are right. We may soon have to get used to all sorts of intolerable lifestyle changes. But let's not be defeatist. We're British after all. Here is our guide to how to survive Brexit. Yes, it's as.

Nothing like a dame: How Vivienne Westwood traded a couture lifestyle for the front line of the eco war
It first hit me when I read an article by [the science researcher] James Lovelock ... his lecture tour addressing global warming, as documented in the Oscar-winning film An Inconvenient Truth. He has since received a Nobel Peace Prize.

The regions facing the biggest losses are: - Daily Mail
A multidisciplinary European-Australian team of researchers led by Dr James Daniell of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) conducted the study and presented their global risk index map for wine regions at the 2017 Annual Conference of the European.

Albania cracks down on cannabis trade ahead of hoped-for EU talks - Financial Times
Sitting despondently in a Tirana café, Elez admits to having second thoughts about cultivating cannabis for a living. “I'm not making real money this year and I'm scared of getting arrested . . . Prices [for cannabis producers] have collapsed and the.

Pilot recommends THIS deceptively simple trick to cope with flight turbulence -
Related articles . Pilots confess the SHOCKING secrets of flying · SEVERE turbulence to DOUBLE due to climate change · Shock footage as MAJOR turbulence on flight leaves at least 20 injured · Travel . Login. Login. Or. Guest. (Logout). Cancel. Post. Share.

From Albania to Zambia, new citizens are sworn in as immigration debate rages on -
in-house field trip , a natural extension of their U.S. History and American Problems classes, the latter an elective for seniors to engage in discussions on the country's most divisive social issues, including abortion, health care, race relations.

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