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Airbnb nightmares can even happen to travel pros - New York Post
I spent months fighting Airbnb for a refund when a Washington, DC, townhouse turned out to be a step above a frat house. Most of our problems were avoidable — and yours can be, too, if you follow this hard-earned advice . (These six tips can apply to.

Inside Fyre Festival Fraud Billy McFarland's $7.5 Million Penthouse - Guestofaguest.com (blog)
Well, we're going to say the rumors that Billy McFarland, currently out on $300,000 bail for his Fyre Festival situation, is living at home are pretty true, considering his $25,000 a month penthouse is up for sale. Where, might you ask, did this.

How to Take a Personal Walking Tour of Some of NYC's Most Iconic Filming Locations
Fans of “Seinfeld” can see Monk’s Cafe (a.k.a. Tom’s Restaurant), Jerry’s apartment, Elaine’s apartment and the New York Public Library ... Receive exclusive travel deals, insider tips, inspiration, breaking news updates, and more.

Searching for UFOs at the Mojave Desert's Most Exclusive Airbnb - Travel+Leisure
And sure enough, there it was, a bright flash of light traveling faster than a plane but slower than a comet, moving in a perfect arch above us. Holy crap, I think to myself. This is it. I'm actually getting to see a UFO in the desert. But let's back.

For Croatia Trips, Appealing Prices for Packages and Flights - New York Times
Expedia has seen air ticket demand to the country double this summer, compared with last summer, and on the travel search engine Kayak, searches to Croatia between Jan. 1 and May 25 this year for travel from May 26 to Sept. 5 were up 25 percent,&nbsp.

First-Time Home Buyers Who Did It on Their Own - New York Times
Buying an apartment is a daunting task, particularly in a city like New York where even a shoe box can cost an eye-popping sum. ... Before you even start apartment hunting , you need to know what you can afford. ... “I've got a bit of wanderlust, I like.

Solo travel tips for perfectionists
I thought days of wandering with no agenda (the opposite of my real life) sounded like a dream, but in New York City ... of slow travel and the do-it-all checklist, and I think I caught a glimpse of it on my last day. I left the apartment in the morning.

Moment a Nazi wearing a swastika armband is tracked down and beaten in Seattle after 'harassing a black man on a bus' - Daily Mail
Before the garage sale hunt , Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott dropped more than $1,000 on Halloween, costumes, candy, toys and clothing at a nearby Target store. Pictured: Spelling arguing over payment (left), the green patterned rug Spelling&nbsp.

New York City Travel Tips From A Five-Star Concierge
No matter how many times we visit New York City, there are always new places to see and hidden gems to uncover. To discover the latest in the city, we talked to Susanne Carter, chef concierge of Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star The Ritz-Carlton New York.

How to find an apartment in NYC: a beginner's guide - Curbed NY
The general consensus is that no more than a third of your annual income should be put toward your housing costs, and in New York City, most landlords will only approve renters whose gross annual income is 40 times the monthly rent. (The New York Times.

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