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Rise in Australian deaths overseas prompts travel insurance warning
The figures were released as part of DFAT's Consular State of Play 2016–17, a report detailing the assistance provided to Australian travellers by the federal government ... The department offered tips to help people identify travel insurance that.

DPTI staff in South Australia resist 'intrusive' zero-tolerance alcohol and drug policy
A new zero-tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol is being opposed by staff in a South Australian Government department amid concerns ... arguments for the policy have included a desire for a "safety-first culture" in "a modern public service" and.

Why haven't Australians been given a travel warning for the US?
You'd expect some sort of travel warning, naturally. If there's a terrorist attack in Turkey, you're warned. If there's civil unrest in Myanmar, you're told to be careful. The Australian ... It's "Exercise normal safety precautions". That's as safe as.

Can travel managers truly advise on African destinations if they've never travelled into Africa?
“Travel departments increasingly need to tighten the purse strings within their companies, and they simply don’t have the budget to send out a travel team to various destinations across Africa,” she says, adding that safety concerns and a fear of the.

How to Use Social Media During a Travel Emergency
In non-emergency situations, FEMA frequently updates its accounts with safety tips and travel information ... For safety information specific to a destination, follow local government and tourism boards and the state's emergency management agency.

Most Australian travellers are hospitalised or die in Thailand
Thailand has topped the list for the most hospitalisations and deaths of Australian ... and the Government will not cover uninsured travellers who are hospitalised overseas or need medical evacuation. “Australians who choose to travel overseas should.

Bayer Bans Essure Outside US, Is FDA Lagging?
To “fully understand the decision”, the Australian Government weighs in ... Essure Sales Decline as Complaints Increase and ObGyn Tips for Removal While the FDA says continues to monitor the safety of Essure, it still believes that "the benefits.

After Hurricanes and Las Vegas Shooting, Countries Warn Citizens About Travel to U.S.
Foreign state departments counsel their travelers to carefully examine 'the necessity' of travel to parts of America ... extended disruptions to "essential services." In general safety tips, Australian citizens are informed that the U.S. has more violent.

Foreigners warned of U.S. travel after Vegas shooting, hurricanes
In Australia, the government is also saying that it's still unsafe to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricanes Maria and Irma but its general safety tips makes a point that "The United states has more violent crime than.

Travel Brands React to New U.S. Travel Warning for Cuba
Additional safety tips can be found here. TripAdvisor, meanwhile, declined to comment on the new U.S. government warning on travel to Cuba.

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