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Thinklabs One, a New Digital Stethoscope with Advanced Audio Features -
The device can connect to tablets and smartphones to visually display the waveform of the audio using a matching app, which can also record and let you zoom in on specific spots in the recordings. Additionally, the iMurmur app from Thinklabs provides a.

What the Sound of Your Heart Says About Your Health - Everyday Health (blog)
Call it the sound of your life force — that “lup dub lup dub” beat your healthy heart makes, resounding like rhythmic, repetitive pounding on a drum. When those notes stray off beat or tone, a trained ear can tell that something's amiss with your. & Kendall Jenner Unveil Wireless Headphones That Look Like Stethoscopes - Stereogum
Kendall Jenner and join forces to launch wireless headphones Mashable.

The lore and lure of eclipses: Violence, sex and snacking - The Columbian
Describing the Indian myth, Mark Littmann of the University of Tennessee says the demon Rahu tried to steal the nectar of immortality from the gods, but the sun and the moon recognized him. Rahu started drinking the nectar when Vishnu threw a discus.

'So, what do you do?' - Computerworld
And this dependency has never seemed more dangerous than in the age of the gig economy. Although independent contractors doing technical work frequently fare better than contractors in other fields, the dangers of over-identifying with one's work is.

Reed Beats McIlroy in Epic Sunday Singles Battle at Ryder Cup
The duo answered each other's birdies -- and celebrations -- all day, but Reed came away with a 1 up victory. They were all square through ... went nuts while celebrating and put his ear to the crowd and said "I can't hear you." But Reed answered.

IT careers: Should you leave? - Computerworld
When the job market gets hot, as it is now, it's easy to look around and decide that it's time to move on to someplace new. The days are long past when companies treated employees as a community to whom they owed reasonable constancy and when employees.

Lyn Hacker: Getting ready for the great outdoors — update your medical kit and know some basics - User-generated content (press release)
Take your pulse by placing the fleshy tips of your first two fingers of one hand just inside your wrist below your thumb on the other, or someone else's hand. (Guitar players or people with calloused hands, mind your callouses aren't interfering with.

Stethoscopes NEVER get cleaned despite carrying bacteria that can cause deadly infections, study suggests - Daily Mail
Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine analyzed how often two hospitals' staff cleaned stethoscopes over one week in 128 observations. This included applying disinfectant wipes, or alcohol swabs or gel. Hand hygiene via soap and water or.

If We Want Robots to Be Good, We May Need to Destroy Their Self-Confidence
We’ve all worried about artificial intelligence reaching a point in which its cognitive ability is so far beyond ours that it turns against us. But what if we just turned the AI into a spineless weenie that longs for our approval? Researchers are.

Burma's Mazda Pathfinder XV-1 Is The Most Obscure Off-Roader I've Ever Seen
But yesterday, that all changed when I set my eyes upon the hilariously quirky Mazda Pathfinder XV-1. It’s an off-roader built specifically ... Curbside Classic says that four-banger is probably a Mazda-sourced 2.0-liter, and that a diesel engine was.

David Pogue tested 40 Bluetooth earbuds to find the best of the best
Most of today’s earbuds use the Bluetooth 4.1 technology ... (plugs don’t seal ear canals). Bluetooth 3.0, alas. Roam Ropes. Radical, somewhat tangly stethoscope/pendant design, created by the guy who originally developed the Beats headphones.

April Fools 2013: The Ultimate Round-Up
At TechCrunch, we have a long history of taking April Fools seriously ... It’s almost like that April Fools joke where Facebook tried to make you pay $1 to message strangers. Oh wait, that actually happened. It seems like an angry intern has wiggled.

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