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Travel etiquette: flying with the flu
A recent online survey by the market research firm ORC International found nearly two-thirds of Americans admit to going about daily activities despite experiencing flu symptoms. “That’s really too high,” said modern etiquette expert Anna Post.

Boarding area no-nos: Bad behavior before takeoff - USA TODAY
Here are some travel etiquette tips while waiting at the gate. USA TODAY NETWORK ..... "If the waiting area is not yet crowded, reserving one or two seats by placing your bag in one of them and sitting two seats away is acceptable," says Sharon.

Foreign etiquette for Americans: Tips for traveling abroad
And for business travelers a slip ... attendant," says Robert Reid, U.S. travel editor for the international guidebook publisher Lonely Planet. At USA TODAY's request, Lonely Planet put together a list of etiquette tips in the following situations for.

35 Etiquette Tips For Doing Business Around The World - Business Insider
That's because what's considered "proper etiquette " or "good manners" varies greatly from country to country — and as a professional traveling overseas for work, if you don't take the time to familiarize yourself with local social customs, you may.

Travel Etiquette Tips: Pets on a Plane
Bellboys have no business taking your luggage anywhere without your permission. And while I think it's important to give tips to recognize good service ... Lesley Carlin has been writing about travel and etiquette professionally for more than 10 years.

Brits commit overseas blunders
View a full infographic of the most embarrassing stories here. To help those travelling abroad for meetings, instantprint spoke with Business Etiquette International to uncover ten top tips for preparing to do business with other cultures. 1 Understand.

International Dining Etiquette Tips - HuffPost
She is regularly quoted by BBC Capital, Investor's Business Daily, Fortune, and the National Business Journals. Her Amazon #1 Best Selling book in International Business , Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Business Guide, now in its third printing, was&nbsp.

Etiquette Classes For China's Wealthy Women Are The Newest Status Symbol - Forbes
For about $15,000, well-heeled Chinese women can take part in 10- to 12-day courses, divided by either debutante or hostess classes, with lessons covering socializing tips , proper hotel manners, lingerie selection, introduction to French cuisine and.

7 Tips For Doing Business And Living In Mexico - Huffington Post
Business communication in Mexico is formal, including the formal manner of speaking Spanish, especially with international business visitors, people you just met, elders, and work colleagues. This formality shows respect and courtesy. Informal speech.

“Many American adults are wary of pedophiles”: The best internet advice for traveling to the US - Quartz
So you want to visit the US. You've packed your bags, gotten your documents together, maybe paid for a pricey tourist visa, to visit the sprawling land of barbecue and purple mountains. Now for the mental preparation: How to handle etiquette , bribery.

Here Are Some Great Etiquette Tips For International Road Warriors
For the international road warrior ... Most Europeans prefer to do business over lunch or dinner. Do you have any good tips for doing business abroad? Let us know in the comments.

Everything you need to know about United baggage fees - Travel+Leisure
Getting caught with an unexpected bag fee is more than just a nuisance: it's a problem that can be easily avoided with a little planning. Fortunately, United Airlines has gone the way of its fellow domestic carriers in streamlining policies regarding.

5 Cross Cultural Tips for Business Travelers in Poland - HuffPost
ever for international business professionals to master concepts of Polish business culture. For those planning to collaborate in Krakow or work out deals in Warsaw, these five international protocol tips to help you navigate the nuances of Polish.

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