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Europe Beckons, but Security Consultants Urge: Be Prepared - New York Times
From high-end travel agencies, including Kipling & Clark, to more affordable trips offered by Globus, operators are reporting strong interest in travel to Europe . Among the Globus family of brands, which includes Cosmos and Monograms tours and Avalon&nbsp.

SPLC issues college student's guide to dealing with the alt-right - CNN
These and many more tips are available in the newly released Southern Poverty Law Center campus guide to countering the alt-right. ... Since then, various other alt-right speakers, such as Yiannopoulos and Spencer, have had successful campus tours.

Tips for Leaders Meeting Trump: Keep It Short and Give Him a Win - New York Times
Embassies in Washington trade tips and ambassadors send cables to presidents and ministers back home suggesting how to handle a mercurial, strong-willed leader with no real experience on the world stage, a preference for personal diplomacy and a taste&nbsp.

12 Eastern Europe Travel Tips - HuffPost
If your next trip takes you to the coasts of Croatia or the rolling hills of Kazakhstan, read these twelve tips for a safe and culturally-savvy voyage. It's a universal travel tip , so to ... From Goulash to Banitsa: Eastern Europe has delicious food to.

Never-Before-Seen Photos! Here's How Oprah Does Italy (From the Europe Tour Guide to the Stars) - Bravo (blog)
Father Angelo founded the high-end European travel company Access Europe 30 years ago, and now, together with sons Simone and Marco, the team now leads exclusive tours through Italy, France, Greece, and Spain for the most discerning North American.

Tour guides come to virtual reality with InstaVR’s ‘guided co-viewing’
Thus, a user could use a 360-degree video camera to shoot a tour of a campus, an outdoor outing or ... be in the same location together, allowing a guide to work from China to give a group scattered across Europe and North America a voiced tour of a.

9 Etiquette Rules About Tipping You Should Know Before You Travel the World - Reader's Digest
quot;If you do offer—say to staff at a Japanese ryoken, taxi driver or tour guide —be sure to place the bills in a card or envelope and use two hands and a bow or nod (depending on the culture) to present it," says Glenn. Always ask, "May I present you a.

3 post-grad options you might not have thought of - The Beacon
Senior Kaitlin Kjeldtoft is UP's campus ambassador for the Peace Corps, and she has all the information UP students need to learn more about the program. Kjeldtoft plans on joining the program herself after ... Post-grads looking to travel and make.

Tips for senior travel in Western Europe
Considering a trip to Western Europe ... you and provide tips for fun in their cities. Take advantage of festivals such as Oktoberfest in Munich or German Reunification Day in Frankfurt for seeing the locals enjoying life. Many travel guides are helpful.

Tips on how to visit a college campus
For high school students who are in the process of researching a variety of colleges and universities, admissions professionals recommend scheduling campus visits to get a better feel for the schools. Here are 10 tips ... The trained tour guides will.

Are you a cheapskate? A new study reveals where and how much you should be tipping - CNBC
Republican men who live in the Northeast and use a credit or debit card are the best tippers, the survey finds. Men tend to be more generous restaurant tippers than women, but women are better when it comes to hotel housekeeping, baristas and hair.

[HOW TO] Pay Less To Go Skiing This Winter - InTheSnow
Can't afford to go skiing this year? Here are five top tips to save big and pay less to go skiing – against the usual holiday cost: ... of expensive lift passes and high in-resort costs. But there are literally thousands of resorts in Europe , and while.

Cheap Samsung Deals - MoneySavingExpert
read our tips to help you minimise the cost. Here we're concentrating on Samsung's top-end smartphones, the recently launched Galaxy S8 and predecessors the S7 and S7 Edge. If you're after iPhone tips and tricks, check out our Cheap iPhones guide.

How the Heat in Europe Is Affecting Travel - New York Times
“The heat has gone on day after day after day in cities with lots of buildings and concrete and not many parks,” said Mr. Erdman, who recently experienced it firsthand on a multicity European tour . “There's no break at night. You open a window hoping.

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