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Global Warming Begets Adorable Kittens
So, even though global warming depletes our ozone layer, look on the bright side! At least we'll have more adorable kittens running around. According to this article in the Chicago Sun-Times ... Check out Planet Green's other tips for environmentally.

Climate Change Cuts Climate Change Study Short - Smithsonian
Canada forced to cancel climate change study - due to hazardous sea ice caused by climate change Daily Mail.

Arctic Voyage Shows Global Warming Impact - U.S. News & World Report
Researchers on the trip sought a first-hand view of the effects of global warming already seen from space. Even the dates of the journey were a clue: The ship departed Vancouver in early July and arrived in Nuuk, Greenland on July 29th, the earliest.

By 2100, Deadly Heat May Threaten Majority of Humankind - National Geographic
Deadly Heat Waves Could Endanger 74% of Mankind by 2100, Study Says InsideClimate News.

Beyond Machu Picchu: Exploring the skeletons of Peru's Sacred Valley - Chicago Tribune
quot;With global warming , many glaciers in the Sacred Valley are melting," said guide Abel Santander, an indigenous Quechua who described paying homage to Pachamama, or Mother Earth, with sacrifices of coca leaves. "We feel bad, like a member of our&nbsp.

Global Warming Could Be Worse for the Illinois Economy Than You Think -
Not long ago I spoke with a climate scientist, Robert Kopp, about the potential effects of climate change on Illinois and the central Midwest. It's worrisome—despite our famously brutal winters and distance from coasts affected by sea-level rise, the.

'Ratpocalypse' Caused by Climate Change Could Increase Spread of Disease - Healthline
Milder winters allow rats to have more litters, and their population explosion could help spread diseases such as E. coli and bubonic plague. ratpocalypse. Is America on the verge of a “ratpocalypse?” Experts and officials are documenting growing.

What Chicago Is Doing—and Can Do—to Prevent a Disastrous Flood -
But climate change will likely increase the severity of rainstorms, as Eric Holthaus writes, so even cities that have been improving their wastewater infrastructure for decades are rushing to catch up. The story of Chicago is basically one of water.

Lester: Senators accuse Arlington Heights group of spreading faulty climate change info - Chicago Daily Herald
Four Democratic U.S. senators are taking aim at the Arlington Heights-based Heartland Institute, which sent more than 200,000 teachers across the country a book and CD criticizing the conclusion that humans are causing climate change . A June 7 letter.

With Smart Planning, Coffee and Bees Can Survive Climate Change - Smithsonian
I visited an offbeat coffee-making hotspot that could save the industry — here's what it was like Business Insider.

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