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How Global Travel Helps You In The Corporate World
Google Translate didn’t exist at the time, so there I was just me, myself and of course my China travel guide. I struggled during the ride ... Unpredictable factors such as weather can throw a wrench into plans. You never know what will happen, but.

The TDRY Downhill Race in China Looks Like Utah and Attracts an International Field
The GuiDe National Geo park sits at 2,260m above sea level and is listed in the Top 100 enterprises of China Tourism. It covers a huge 554 ... Luckily on Sunday, race day, brought beautiful sunny weather and light winds for all racers to come down the.

Travel guide: The Rainbow Mountains in Zhangye
I know of two: one is in Peru and the other is in China. The former is expensive to get airplane ... some of the factors that resulted in its vibrant colors include water erosion, weathering, climate change, and the presence of red sandstones, just to.

A Visitor's Weather and Event Guide for Travel to China in March
March sees the first efforts of Mighty Spring trying to break out of winter hibernation. March doesn't have any public holidays so for domestic tourists, it's not a big time to travel. In fact, sandwiched between the big Chinese New Year holidays and the.

PortAventura: 10 tips for your Spanish theme park adventure!
Our Travel Editor shares his cheat sheet for Spain's top theme ... but it's definitely major league - splitting into several lands including Mediterrània, Far West, China, Polynesia, Mexico and, coming in 2017, Ferrari Land (see Essential Info, right.

China 2017: The Climate in Southern China
China, the world's fourth-largest country in terms of land area, features a wide range of climates, but the climate in southern China is relatively uniform, owing to the lack of any major geographic barriers, such as the high mountain ranges in the.

China travel tips: 8 things you need to know before you go
Today, more people visit China than ever, welcomed in by the profound changes that have swept the revitalized nation over the past decades. Here are 8 tips to for planning your ... You may want to travel for some of these dishes, but major cities will.

China’s Outbound Tourism for DIY Trips
Among travelers who refer to guides, 29% of them use more than one traveling guide. A majority (92% ... Most tourists from Eastern China are used to mild temperatures during winters. Therefore, when they travel to countries with four distinct seasons.

Wish You Were Here: Antarctica, China and more
Travel tips: “A good time to travel to southern China is the end of October through November, otherwise the weather can be very hot and humid. Hotels in China have the same electrical outlets as in the US. Book inter-city flights and train tickets in.

Turpan Travel Guide
Turpan is a mostly Uighur city of about 300,000 that is quickly being developed as a “model” city in China. It is a Xinjiang travel highlight because the ... One cool thing about Turpan is that it has unusual weather. It is very sunny and dry, it.

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