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Dangerous heat to threaten Beijing as the temperature challenges all-time record -
Temperatures are set to soar to dangerous levels this week across parts of eastern and northern China , including Beijing. Heat building through Friday will create dangerous outdoor conditions. On Wednesday, temperatures peaked at 36 C (97 F) in&nbsp.

Shock mass coral die-off in Asia sounds alarm for world's reefs - New Scientist
An unexpected coral bleaching event in the South China Sea shows that reefs can heat up substantially more than the surrounding ocean, making them more vulnerable to climate change. The finding suggests that efforts to limit global warming to 2 °C.

Maximize the Joy of Travel
Achor delved into the psychology of experiences that awe people and the physiology of adventure to explain the relationship between joy and travel, and identified the 10 most joyous places in the world. He also shared the following tips on how to make.

Severe central US ice storm to cut power, immobilize travel and cause damage -
The Ice Storm of 2017 will remain a danger to lives and property as it expands northward across the central United States into Monday. A shallow layer of cold air in the atmosphere will continue to accompany a storm over the central United States. The.

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I Went to China to Hike the Most Dangerous Hike on Earth - NextShark
My backpack was loaded with 3 L of water, a tube of zinc sunblock and a few snacks — on this day I would hike what Google likes to call the “World's Most Dangerous Hike”. Hua Shan (华山) peaks at ... The high speed trains takes 30-40 minutes to travel.

5 Problems with China's 5-star Hotels.
And woe to the traveler during an unseasonably hot April when the A/C is automatically switched off in all guest rooms from midnight to morning, despite the actual sweltering temperatures ... Having filmed a travel show all over China for two years and.

What is storm surge and why is it dangerous?
The water cannot travel down as it did when the storm was over the ocean ... The resulting flooding can make evacuations dangerous and difficult, compounding the risks once the hurricane actually arrives. Surges are also the cause of most of the damage.

Cold water shock: Be aware of this lesser-known danger before hitting the water this summer -
As the summer heat builds and people start to spend more time outdoors, lakes and rivers may still be dangerously cold following the winter months. “Typically, in the spring and early summer is when people start venturing out onto the water and [they.

How to plan a total solar eclipse road trip - CNET
Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse from NASA's WB-57F Jets | NASA NASA.

Dangerous Fruit: Mystery of Deadly Outbreaks in India Is Solved - New York Times
Every year in mid-May, as temperatures reached scorching heights, parents took children who had been healthy the night before to the hospital. The children awakened with a high-pitch cry in the early morning, many parents said. Then the youths began&nbsp.

Huge coral bleaching event in South China Sea warns of global devastation triggered by climate change, suggests study - The Independent
The latest alarming evidence indicates that reefs themselves can heat up substantially more than the waters surrounding them, adding to the shock the coral experiences from considerable temperature changes. It is this heat change that stresses the.

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