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9 travel safety tips to protect you & your wallet
Team Clark is adamant that we will never write content influenced ... make sure you still have a way to connect with family or friends in the case of an emergency. Having an international data and calling plan is the best way to avoid unexpected charges.

The cost of raising a child from birth to 17? Don't ask! - WPXI Pittsburgh
It's no secret that raising kids can get expensive. In fact, the total price tag to raise one child from birth through age 17 now sits at a whopping $233,610 — up 3% from the last year. That number is according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

New list: 20 in-demand jobs that pay at least $100000 - WPXI Pittsburgh
If you're looking for a six-figure job, there are plenty of companies hiring qualified workers who have the right skills. Job site Glassdoor just released a list of 20 in-demand positions that pay a median salary of $100,000 or more, but these jobs are.

Clark Howard Misses The Gold Again: The Frugal Travel Guy Debunks Howard's Advice
August 19, 2011 (Hilton Head Island, SC) -- During a CNN interview on August 5, 2011, nationally syndicated radio host and consumer advocate Clark Howard made the following ... card sign-up bonuses. He posts travel tips daily on debit and credit card.

This may be the longest Uber ride ever - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Brent Pfieffer received a notification on his cellphone on Sunday night about passengers requesting a pickup at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Read more: Clark Howard goes undercover as a Lyft and Uber driver. Soon after accepting the request.

Backpack giveaway planned for military families - WHIO
Warren County buried baby case: 5 things we know now Hamilton Journal News.

Major airport may start charging people who drop off friends for flights - WPXI Pittsburgh
The free dropoff at Boston's Logan Airport may be a thing of the past. The group that runs Logan International Airport will study a plan to charge those nice friends and family members who run travelers to the airport, The Associated Press reported.

Florida Department of Health releases safety tips for home clean up post-Irma - WOKV
Jacksonville, FL - If floodwater got into your home during Hurricane Irma, the Florida Department of Health is releasing safety tips for cleaning up. Avoid strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day during clean-up. Try to work during the.

Firefighters find Dracula doll in California creek - WHIO
The act came after 9/11 as an effort to ensure safer travel within the U.S.. According to consumer expert Clark Howard , despite the fact that Congress passed the act more than 10 years ago, enforcement of the new regulations wasn't pushed until 2013.

The #1 mistake people make at hotel checkout - WPXI Pittsburgh
At the desk, you're always asked to give a form of payment like a credit card or a debit card so if you trash the room, they have something on you. But then a lot of people decide at checkout that they want to pay cash instead of plastic. So you settle.

Clark Howard on battling a life-threatening illness, 'I felt like death' - WPXI Pittsburgh
ATLANTA - Atlanta-based consumer advisor Clark Howard is speaking out about a mysterious and sudden illness that threatened his life recently. The same disease killed a Georgia man after, just like Howard, taking a powerful antibiotic only days before&nbsp.

Joe's Crab Shack abruptly closes dozens of restaurants - WPXI Pittsburgh
Here's A Partial List Of Closed Joe's Crab Shack & Brick House Tavern Locations Consumerist.

Police revive pregnant woman who overdosed twice in one hour - WHIO
SEPTA police officers save pregnant woman who OD'd twice

Equifax data breach: Frustrated consumers report credit freeze problems - WPXI Pittsburgh
Equifax Data Breach: What exactly is a credit freeze? Palm Beach Post.

9 travel safety tips to protect you & your wallet - WSB Atlanta
If you're traveling abroad , or even within the United States, taking a break from your cell phone, e-mail and social media can be very nice. But if you're going to do this, make sure you still have a way to connect with family or friends in the case of.

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