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Why Stephen King Says You Should Always Stay on the Top Floor of a Motel - Travel+Leisure
When he has to travel for work, he prefers to drive because he feels “more in control when I'm driving than when I'm flying,” he told The New York Times in an interview. He'll make stops at the Waffle House for meals and then settle into a Motel 6 at.

What to Know About Traveling to the Florida Keys After Hurricane Irma - Travel+Leisure
In the 10 days of its existence, Hurricane Irma plowed a path through the Caribbean and up the southeastern United States, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The storm's total monetary damage is yet to been determined, but it killed at least.

Top Advice From Major Cruise Conference - Travel Agent
Agents should share their expertise, share that it's safe to travel to Mexico (for example) and that cruising is the best vacation, he said, noting that, given the shipboard and shoreside experiences last week, agents have great content to farm out.

What One Mom Learned From Going Against Everyone's Travel Advice - Travel+Leisure
Travel is a powerful tool, one that can shape and open young minds — especially in a challenging place like Egypt. Heidi Mitchell. October 11, 2017. Everyone told me not to take my three kids to Egypt. A friend from Pakistan said I was bananas. A half.

Ten Easy Holiday Travel Health Tips
Let’s avoid that with these ten easy holiday travel ... advice to skip buffet lines. Don’t. This is a line item that has been on the list of things to deny yourself for the greater good for a long time. Perhaps too long. Nearly every major cruise.

A record 107.3 million people will travel for the holidays — and that could spell traffic woes -
Have Holiday Plans, Will Travel: Record-Breaking 107 Million Americans to Celebrate Holidays Away From Home ... AAA Newsroom.

Going on a Cruise? 10 Definite Dos (and 3 Don’ts!) from Travel Experts
Travel agent Marni Becker, Director of Cruise Sales for Protravel International in New York City, says that depending upon where you wish to travel—Alaska? Mediterranean? Caribbean? Baltic?—there is still some availability, but that the most popular.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Visiting Disney - Thrillist
When I moved to LA, my first trip to Disneyland was with a group of friends I'd graduated college with. One of them was a Disney trivia addict, the kind of guy who knows where every single Hidden Mickey is and so on. At every ride, in every walk.

Expert tips and advice for visiting Cuba on a cruise - Royal Caribbean Blog (blog)
Cruises Could Be Big Winners in Cuba Bloomberg.

This Is Anthony Bourdain's Secret to a Successful Thanksgiving - Travel+Leisure
Farm Bureau Survey Reveals Lowest Thanksgiving Dinner Cost in Five Years Farm Bureau News.

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