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First-class flying makes way for business travel - Financial Times
Airbus Suffers Dubai Blow as Boeing Wins Surprise 787 Deal Bloomberg.

Dubai: 3 Cross Cultural Tips for Business Success - Huffington Post
Glitz, glamour, and fashion—the top three things that come to mind when we think of Dubai . Not only is this popular city home to the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and Dubai Mall, the globe's biggest shopping mall, it's also home to.

Dubai Airports prepares for busiest December to date - Gulf Digital News
“December is one of the busiest months of our year, on some days there will be more than 250,000 passengers travelling through the three terminals. This means we have two priorities, to manage the operational flow of these hundreds of thousands of.

How to Make the Most of a Layover - New York Times
Many fliers view layovers as an inconvenience, but for Jaclyn Sienna India, the owner of the New York City travel company Sienna Charles, they're an opportunity to explore the destination her flight stops in. “I try to make the place where I have to.

Qatar Airways: What it's like flying through Doha right now - The Independent
Airline review: Qatar Airways Airbus A380 business class, Melbourne to Doha Traveller.

How to Choose the Travel Rewards Credit Card That's Best for You - Travel+Leisure
Credit card rewards offer one of the fastest routes to free travel . Compared to traditional frequent flyer miles, where you can only achieve an eventual free flight by repeatedly buying airline tickets, a travel rewards credit card allows you to earn.

7 tips for staying safe while traveling - CNBC
Many fraud cases occur while traveling . Learn how to protect yourself while away from home. The rise of the Internet and storing personal information online have made it easier for hackers to access your sensitive information. After an identity theft.

Two experienced business travelers reveal their favorite packing tips
Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a ... to give us a peek into their carry-on bags and tell us about their most treasured travel accessories and tips, and we've added a few of our recommendations as well. If you're a frequent.

Travel perks: secret airline freebies and services -
This delightful tray of treats (featuring a fresh cream cake, champagne, strawberries and souvenir teddies) was presented to my husband and I on our way to our honeymoon in the Maldives. We were flying business class at the time but the tray of treats.

10 tips for traveling alone -
The more I travel alone, the more I learn about my fears. I learn how to be comfortable eating a meal alone, or walking on the streets by myself without being afraid. Travelling alone teaches me independence I would normally not have. When you travel.

Will we all live in airports one day? - Travel+Leisure
A decade ago, visitors to the man-made South Korean island-city of Songdo, 40 miles outside Seoul, could stand on the site of a development projected to grow to the size of downtown Boston and find seashells still sticking out of ground that, until.

Travel tips for those flying out during the holidays -
There is also the innovative 'Neighbour-free Seat' option for guests to choose. Instant upgrades to Business or First Class are also available for purchase at special rates during check-in for guests looking to travel in additional comfort. Access to.

Visiting Dubai? Insiders share their tips
Given the fluid nature of the travel industry, however ... current information on official websites before making plans to visit any business or attraction. (CNN) — Dubai may be famed for its bigger, bolder, brighter design philosophy, but it's not.

Hospitality Tech Startup Blueground Looks To Capitalize On Dubai's Business Travel Market - Entrepreneur
As a consultant with a top-tier consulting firm for over seven years (and a frequent business traveler as a result), blueground co-founder and CEO Alexandros Chatzielftheriou lived out of hotels in Europe, Africa and Asia, for stretches of 1-12 months.

Housekeepers Reveal the Most Absurd Things Guests Request at Luxury Hotels - Travel+Leisure
when I heard an unusual sound — a lady crying loudly, seeking help. I called a female colleague, and together we entered the room and found that the guest was about to give birth. I called for more assistance — from duty managers to security.

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