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Airport news: This is the ONE thing you need to pack in your hand luggage
Thankfully, a travel expert has a solution which means you’ll stay ... An empty water bottle is light and easy to stuff into your hand luggage without taking up much room. It is also better for the environment to reuse an old one instead of having.

10 packing tips from a travel pro for a best-case scenario
Packing ... really can't travel without taking every single thing you own -- plus a few extra sweaters just in case -- these days taking only what fits in an overhead is the way to go. There are two schools of thought when it comes to luggage.

Readers’ tips: How to make air travel easier
This week we went looking for some tips on how to make air travel ... Pack a game bag for the kids and hand out one item after a set amount of time. Book, colours, that kind of thing. Wear shoes that are easy to take off. Check your hand luggage size.

Travel Q&A: Tips for packing liquids in checked luggage
Is maple syrup a liquid no-no for carry-ons? If so, are there rules for packing it in my checked luggage? A: Maple syrup is a liquid so unless you’re bringing it back in bottles 3 ounces or less — and those bottles fit in a quart-size clear zip-top bag.

Holiday travel tips from the Jacksonville Aviation Authority
Visit the Transportation Security Administration website for valuable travel tips, such as a list of prohibited items, traveling with children, traveling with disabilities, etc. Pack medications and any valuables in your carry-on, not checked, luggage.

How To Find The Best International Travel Insurance
Travel Tips Features ... ireland travel packing Hoping to go on a trip but don't know how you are going to afford it? Here are 25 practical and smart ways to save money for travel. Learn about how I've flown to Europe and Asia and stayed in hotels.

Air travel: Five packing tips for cabin luggage
If you plan to travel for less than a week, cabin-size luggage will simplify things starting from the check-in process to arrivals. Here is a list of things that you have to take into account when packing cabin luggage: Learn the rules. Too often.

Holiday air travel: 5 health risks and tips to avoid them
A specified list of hazards and tips is then created ... emergency happens “With holiday travel there’s a lot of disruptions,” Snyder said. Snyder recommends packing medications in carry-on bags in case checked luggage is lost or displaced.

Experienced business travelers reveal their favorite travel tips
It doesn't depend on the length of the trip — I've even been to Europe and Africa for 35 days straight and I only take a roller bag," Morrow said. "I never check luggage, ever. It forces me to be efficient with what I pack." Fathom Way To Go founder.

5 Tips for International Climbing Travel
Pro climber and frequent flier Heidi Wirtz shares five tips for ... within Europe, you want to keep it down to one checked bag, if possible, and one carry-on,” says Wirtz. 2. Know what to check, and what to carry on “[Travel security officials] get.

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