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Giant virus discovery sparks debate over tree of life
Using sophisticated software to trace the evolutionary history of their mystery genomes, the researchers found that the translation genes seemed to have been picked up one by one over hundreds of millions of years. This evidence supports the idea that.

IEEEBos August 2017 Digital Reflector
The length is flexible; however, a four to five page limit should be used as a guide. An appropriate guide may be a technical ... Through our affiliate, we will even help you design, develop, and host your ads for maximum efficiency. A few important.

Need Selfie Tips? Ask a Neural Network
In my salad days I posted some supremely unflattering selfies. I was a photo newbie, a bearded amateur mugging for the camera. I’m happy to say that the results of my self-portraits (shared below purely for educational purposes, of course) have improved.

Sexually Active Old People Seem to Be Smarter
Fucking is good. What else can you say? We’re a species that gets to actually enjoy sexual activity. It makes babies. When consenting adults do sex-making, it is good. A new study suggests that when old people do sex, it is also good. Maybe even more.

Housekeeping: A Note From Dealbreaker HR
You’ve probably already noticed that we have a new guest writer. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Zach Kouwe, formerly of the NY Times, was last in the news in a little episode a little while back when it came to light that he borrowed passages from the.

Doomfist Finally Comes To Overwatch
The new character has been teased since before publisher Blizzard even released Overwatch, and now, players can finally try him out on Overwatch’s public test region. Doomfist, whose real name is Akande Ogundimu, is a cybernetic offense character whose.

New Zealand’s bold experiment with regulating recreational drugs
A recent study [PDF] shows that drug prices have dropped more than 80 percent ... which essentially allows new drugs to be marketed worldwide without testing. It also avoids problems with attempts — like pending legislation on which hearings were held.

Richard Sherman Runs Through The List Of NFL QBs Who Are Worse Than Colin Kaepernick
In an interview with USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman shared his thoughts on Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti wringing his hands over the idea of signing Colin Kaepernick. At a fan forum on Sunday, Bisciotti answered a.

Dead Body Strapped To Gurney Rolls Out Of Coroner's Van Into Street
Dead squirrels, birds, possums, armadillos, cats, dogs—the roads we travel are full of dead things. Dead people, thankfully, are a rarity, which is why everyone’s so freaked out by the corpse that was dumped onto a street in Olympia, Washington.

60+ R resources to improve your data skills - Computerworld
By Winston Chang, a software engineer at RStudio. R in Action: Data analysis ... basic stats and more. Advanced Beginner's Guide to R. This 72-page free Computerworld PDF download offers tips on wrangling data, creating interactive maps and visualizing.

HP TouchPad Needs 6 to 8 Weeks for Additional Shipments
The webOS software assets will find their way into the arms, however welcoming, of its Office of Strategy and Technology. The other parts of the webOS corporate infrastructure, presumably including its hardware interests, will continue as part of the.

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