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35 brilliant Telegraph Exclusive Tours for 2018
Savour the gastronomy of Germany with chef John Torode, as he reveals personal stories from his time presenting Masterchef and shares his top tips during an exclusive ... Operated in conjunction with Wendy Wu Tours, this 12-day itinerary reveals the.

Going Solo: The rise of solo travel and the art of going it alone
For previous generations, solo travel ... my top tips. Most of this is common sense, but it doesn't hurt to take a few extra precautions. Take photographs of your passport/visas and save to a cloud service like Dropbox, or email to a friend or family.

She Slayed Her Gamergate Trolls — Now She Wants To Bring Her Fight To Congress
Brianna Wu is best known for battling vicious attacks from internet ... “I grew up in Mississippi, in a hyper-right family. I went to church three times a week and went to private Christian schools until 10th grade. I changed parties when I was 23.

Congresswoman Urges FBI to Prosecute Gamergate
One of the most prominent figures in the Gamergate saga has been Brianna Wu, a Boston-based video-game developer who has allegedly suffered a continuous wave of harassment from members of Gamergate. Clark is Wu’s congresswoman, and her office has reached.

Big Fat Agent Wrap
Wendy Wu ... Travel Group. Recently Stephanie personally escorted a group of senior Magellan owners and consultants on a wonderful famil to Slovenia and Croatia flying in luxury with Emirates Airways. After arriving in Venice the group enjoyed a fabulous.

Instagram rolls out comment-control, puts onus on user to filter trolls
Others say it could create a false sense of security. Brianna Wu, another game developer who has been a frequent target of online harassment, including death threats, explained to CNN Tech that if an Instagram account is dedicated to "doxxing" women -- a.

'If you have any kids they're dead too': Female game developer forced to flee her home after horrific 8chan rape and murder threats in latest sexism scandal plaguing industry
Brianna Wu, developer of sci-fi action puzzler Revolution 60, called police following a series of violent tweets from an account named 'Death to Brianna.' The anonymous person behind the online attack made it clear that they were doing so because of her.

Brookfield Senior Center Announces Upcoming Events
Ellen, Jeanette and Amy AARP Safe DrivingFriday, April 29 from 9:00am - 1:00pmThe AARP Driver Safety Class provides a refresher of driving rules and teaches valuable defensive driving skills, safety strategies, and tips for adapting your driving to.

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