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Discovering Iran as a female traveller
It was my G Adventures CEO (our guide for the next two weeks), Mina ... group travel is more common than solo travel. The idea of a solo female traveller is a relatively new concept, but one that is becoming increasingly familiar since the re-opening.

Why Traveling Solo Might Be the Best Thing a Woman Can Do
The trend has spawned lots of advice books and articles with tips for the woman solo traveler, including a somewhat controversial New York Times piece that advised women to stay in expensive hotels for safety reasons. That’s not McNiff’s method.

Solo travel is on the rise, especially for women - The Weekly Review
recent market boom in women-only travel companies. Here we look at some of the best destinations and offer some tips for a fabulous trip – no extra baggage required. ... There are thousands of “ solo travel women” Pinterest boards and Insta-inspo.

5 tips for female solo travel in Thailand, including what to wear
Thailand has paradise islands, remarkable wildlife and fascinating cultures. These 5 tips will help solo female travellers make the most of the Land of Smiles, while staying safe and hassle-free... There's a common perception that Thailand is all about a.

6 amazing travel destinations you should visit solo - Well+Good
Solo travel is a hot topic among jet-setting types these days, and for good reason—getting a change of scenery, plus a healing dose of solitude, just might be the healthiest choice you could make. And with high-powered careers, families, and other.

Escape Artists: blogger Liz Carlson's top tips for solo travellers - The Weekly Review (blog)
It's the best place for solo female travellers , especially first-timers, because it's so safe and easy to get around. It has so many varied landscapes in a tiny little package. Hong Kong might be my favourite food place. I love to eat when I'm.

Solo travel will alter the nature of China’s vast tourism market
I was delighted when I recently saw a headline in the Chinese media saying how solo travelers ... flag-waving guide, solo travelers here are seen as introverts, weirdos or even creepy. And let's not even talk about what Chinese think of female solo travelers.

Indian airline Vistara: Women flying solo can skip middle seat - CNN
CNN) — As the scourge of manspreading manspreads around the planet, one airline is taking steps to protect its women passengers. Delhi-based carrier Vistara has launched a new service that guarantees women won't be allocated a middle seat. It's part.

Indian airline promises solo-flying female passengers will get preferential seating - NEWS.com.au
But Vistara's scheme for women isn't the only measure put in place to help solo female travellers . Earlier this year, Air India launched female -only seats on its domestic routes after a number of women were allegedly groped by male travellers during.

5 tips for solo female travel in Morocco, including what to wear - Wanderlust
Beguiling and heady, Morocco has casting its spell over travellers for decades. However, if you're a woman travelling alone in this country what you see online doesn't always match your experience in real life. The souks, mountains and beaches of.

That Solo Travel Blogger? She Just Wants a Vacation - New York Times
The she in this case is Kiersten Rich, creator of the Blonde Abroad, a “ solo female lifestyle and travel blog” with 350,000 monthly readers. But her schedule is ... Every Saturday, get travel tips , destination coverage, photos from all over the world.

Solo travel: Tips for travelling alone - NEWS.com.au
The Australian Government's Smartraveller website suggests female solo travellers should book and check in using a first initial and surname only with no Miss, Ms or Mrs, and it's a good idea not to tell anyone where you're staying if they know you're.

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