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Launceston estuarine researcher presents plan to scour silt from Tamar River - Tasmania Examiner
The canal proposal to scour silt has been previously been mentioned in the significant 2008 Upper Tamar River Sediment Evaluation Study by BMT . In the report, it was suggested that a divisional canal could take the water of the North Esk River directly.

World's Best Hikes: Epic Trails - National Geographic
We looked for walks that travel deeper into a location's history and culture. Sure, there's outdoor adventure on each of these ... Insider Tip : After you complete the kora, take a dip in nearby Lake Manasarovar. At 15,060 feet, it's one of the highest.

Travel Out of this World: Family Space Camp Huntsville, AL
Aside from the celestial activities, what can you expect from a weekend bunking with the kids at space camp? Well, here are some Family Space Camp Tips to help you ... an award winning family travel blog called Field Trips with Sue, and produced.

Learning to Talk the Talk in a Hospital - New York Times (blog)
In hospitals, there is a special kind of communication among doctors and nurses, an essential skill not easily learned. I've come to call it the Rattle. In the Rattle, speed matters far more than style. It tends to be filled with jargon.

OTTOBIOGRAPHY: Guard Duty - The Independent (blog)
Finally, guard duty meant not spending Saturday nights out of camp with loved ones. But for me, guard ... Or the one who had big plans to expand the family business of collecting scrap metals from the shipyards. From them, I ... After an initial.

NS recruits cooling down with ice water during field camp raises eyebrows - The Independent
Those of you who have gone through national service will know how “siong” (tough) a field camp is. It is one of those experiences which leave a lasting impact on you, along with lots of memories for later years to reminisce about. Field camps are tough&nbsp.

For Vietnam War vets, memories remain strong 35 years after the fall of Saigon - Patriot-News
We'd sit down and eat with their families .” That tour ended in 1962. Things had changed, and not for the better, when Bender returned in 1968. By then, it was America's war, and South Vietnam was being blasted to pieces. It had become a place of.

Air Force sees no big changes in basic training - San Antonio Express
The Air Force has spent the past decade emphasizing tougher training to prepare recruits for life in battle zones. Boot camp is more of a grind than ever these days, but recruits suffering through a brutal summer on Lackland AFB's “obstacle course” or.

HBO and Time pull back curtain on $15 billion child sports industry
In turn, the lucrative fraud of the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight provided relief from the banal late-summer sports journalism monotony of NFL training camps ... travel team sports run amok. It rang especially true last night as I sat in Wrigley.

Lackland leaders cited in scandal - San Antonio Express
Air Force basic training was extended from 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 weeks a few years ago as part of a boot camp makeover. Woodward's 180-page report stressed that only 3 percent of Lackland's instructor corps precipitated the scandal, which goes back to 2008.

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