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Get Your Flow On in Finland - The Daily Meal
According to CNN Travel , Finland is home to more than 3.5 million saunas, which is really saying something considering the population of the entire country is 5.5 million. There are wood, smoke, electric, and even mobile saunas. In fact, there's a.

Helsinki stopover guide: 6 things to do in the Finnish capital - The Straits Times
We had tasty Sapas - a Finnish take on Tapas at Restaurant Juuri, which excels at fresh takes on traditional Finnish flavours. It is a regular entry on the Michelin Guide to Helsinki. One of our best meals was at Vinkelli, a new eatery run by food.

Is This Nordic City the Next Capital of Cool? -
Finland celebrates the 100th anniversary of its independence this year (from Russia, after being part of Sweden for about 500 years before that, in case you skipped that history lesson). The country—ever more on travel and social science radars thanks.

Blowing hot and cold: a serious lesson on Finnish sauna etiquette -
And if you want to experience the opposite extreme of temperature then you should travel over 600 miles north of Helsinki, to Finnish Lapland. “It can get really chilly here,” I was told on arrival by Mikael Rissanen, a local guide . ... I tried other.

Travel tips for your next trip to Ireland
If you are planning a visit to Ireland and want a few guiding tips before you head over ... Ireland doesn’t get that hot in the summer and it doesn’t get that cold in the winter. If you are visiting on typically colder months just make sure to bring.

Travel agents offer tips, say it isn't too late to change travel plans
Hurricane Irma is already beginning to impact the Florida coast and has destroyed Caribbean islands where many enjoy winter vacations and weddings. If you've got a trip coming up even sooner, travel agents in Sioux Falls, said it's not too late to change.

Ice driving and spending a night in a motorhome in Finnish Lapland - Wanderlust
But Finland can be full of dangers for motorists, with black ice and greasy slush common in a country that's thickly wigged with snow for up to seven months each year. It's no surprise that specially adapted winter tyres are a legal requirement from.

How to save money and avoid crowds while traveling - CNN
CNN) — Traveling during off-peak season can mean cheaper flights, cheaper hotels, and the chance to see a destination at a less frenetic time of year. Those aren't the only ... Travel industry experts are full of tips on how and when to see.

My favorite travel app now offers the money-saving hack I've been using for years
I tend to approach travel-planning knowing vaguely when I'd like to travel (usually winter in New York City, so January through March), and with a general sense of places I've never been but would like to visit at some point. Then, I search for airfare to.

Helsinki's sign for 'badasses' could be the greatest tourism poster ever made -
39;Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November': The hilarious poster that congratulates visitors ... Daily Mail.

Traveling for Free: Seven Tips
But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, there are even ways to travel for free ... been taken to a hidden sauna in Finland, and tried amazing home-cooked food in Kazakhstan. Yes! Some hosts will even cook for you.

Inside Finland's Quirky Artist Haven - Travel+Leisure
For months, Lindberg had been trying to puzzle out how to reinvigorate the small Finnish village where the company was founded in the 17th century. ... The town is just over an hour's drive west of Helsinki and makes for a lovely day trip from the capital.

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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6 Preview (HBO) YouTube.

Why one man has photographed Finland's Moominworld every day for 17 years - The Independent
Tauno Vintola is able to claim something no one else in the world can. For almost 17 years, he has visited Moominworld in Finland every day. Well, unless it's raining. “I try to go every day but of course, if it's raining heavily, I don't go,” Vintola.

A Guide to Helsinki in Honor of Finland's 100th Anniversary -
And Finland has recently been named the world's safest place to travel . Finland's pristine—and in some places, untouched—natural beauty is the perfect counterpart to its cosmopolitan capital city of Helsinki, which has something to offer every season.

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