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No Executive Order Can Make The Clean Energy Economy Disappear — In 9 Bullets - CleanTechnica
Since we know President Trump likes short briefings, here are the hard truths about the future of energy in this country and many other parts of the world that are driven by market forces rather than politics. ... It's about fossil fuel peak demand.

From Peak Oil to Peak Oil Demand in Just Nine Years - Bloomberg
EVs Will Save The World (With Help From Energy Efficiency & Renewables) CleanTechnica.

Shell CEO Going Electric, Giving Up His Diesel Car For A Mercedes S500e - CleanTechnica
Ben Van Beurden, chief executive officer of Royal Dutch Shell, one of the largest oil companies in the world, says when he gets a new car this September it will be a Mercedes S-Class 500e, a plug-in hybrid with a 13.3 kWh battery and an all-electric.

The Daily 202: Putting Tom Price’s charter flights in perspective
He said he will no longer take private charters at taxpayer expense and plans to cooperate with the HHS inspector general, who last week launched an investigation into his travel practices ... aboard a plane owned by oil-and-gas executives,” Drew.

Peak Oil And Peak Demand Have Entirely Different Outcomes - Forbes
Tesla CEO Elon Musk (R) sits next to Mohammad al-Gergawi, UAE Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Future . Will Musk and the electric vehicle cause oil demand ... It quickly became apparent that some didn't understand that the current discussions around.

Away from Oil: A New Approach - Social Europe
The time of large SUVs is over: this is what experts in the automobile industry said in 2008, when the oil price was at its peak . Times can change very fast. The oil price fell sharply in 2014 and not much has changed since then. SUV sales in the US.

Climate Central: Millennials Have Never Experienced A Cooler Than Average Month — And Probably Never Will - CleanTechnica
“The levels of heat-trapping CO2 in the air are already far outside the bounds of what humans have ever experienced — and the rate of rise is speeding up,” Romm writes. .... We hit peak coal years ago and now we are hitting peak oil . .... I agree that.

5 Oil Majors Risk 30% Of Potential Investments On Unnecessary Projects In A 2⁰C World - CleanTechnica
In Setback for Exxon, Texas Judge Kicks Climate Change Case to New York InsideClimate News.

The EV Myth – Electric Car Threat To Oil Is Wildly Overstated - Yahoo Finance
This narrative made sense, the rise of EVs spearheaded by Tesla, increasingly stringent environmental policies, sluggish global economy and persistently high oil prices finally did oil in, except for a minor fact, none of these stories were true. After.

Fossil fuel demand dented by China's "free-floating" bike boom
China's fossil fuel demand growth is expected to slow to nearly 4 percent this year, compared with 6.5 percent growth last year, said Sri Paravaikkarasu, head of East of Suez oil at FGE. And China's petrol demand is expected to peak as early as 2025.

Advice - Telegraph.co.uk
The once-simple task of purchasing a plane ticket has become a science in its own right. The savvy traveller now has a myriad of variables to take into account when plotting air travel – from the day of booking and time of service to choice of airline.

Hurricanes, Rising Oil Prices Ahead Of Delta's Earnings
This won't be an easy quarter for Delta Air Lines (DAL ... be invested in counter-cyclical oil and gas names. Note from the author: If you have enjoyed this article and would like to receive real-time alerts on future ones, please follow D.M. Martins.

Natural Gas Heads for Middle East Doldrums - Bloomberg
The region's economic boom from the early 2000s on, fueled by high oil prices, led to rapid growth, the construction of new cities and demand for air conditioning, winter heating, cooking, desalinated water and all the other accoutrements of a.

Is The US Becoming Overdependent On Natural Gas? - OilPrice.com
There is good reason to believe that most estimates of future natural gas production in the United States are far too optimistic. Let me quote for the second time in three ... Related: Oil Rig Count Hits A 17-Month High . Second, the U.S. electric.

FILM REVIEW: To the Ends of the Earth Foresees a World Beyond Oil and Coal - Berkeley Daily Planet
Filmmaker David Lavallee's documentary To The Ends of the Earth begins with playwright Arthur Miller's sobering observation: "An era is said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." One of our basic illusions is that cheap oil will always be.

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