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13 ideas for non-sandwich school lunches - Treehugger
May I confess something? I hate sandwiches. I've always hated sandwiches. The combination of sliced bread, deli meat, sweaty cheese, and limp greens never made any sense to me. Each ingredient on their own might have been passable (which is why I&nbsp.

The Largest Hello Kitty Goods Collection In The World
This is Masao Gunji. For the past 35 years, he has been collecting Hello Kitty stuff. He has amused the largest collection of its kind. Recently, Gunji was on Japanese television talking about his collection, saying that if he goes to the same shop, he.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2017: 5 decoration ideas for the mesmerising look - Free Press Journal (blog)
The most awaited festival Ganesh Chaturthi is round the corner. The festival adds fun and colors all around. There are no rules set when it comes to decoration but who doesn't love colors and pomps? So, let's set up a spectacular house for bappa which.

Top tips for an eco-friendly garden
green areas, they preferred to stay longer in them and would travel farther to get there – so greening up a space makes it more prosperous in financial terms, too. These results have been echoed in Victoria. Grow your own If we all start to consider what.

Wrap your outfits in SOCKS, cling wrap liquid makeup and put shoes in shower caps: The genius packing tips to keep ... - Daily Mail
39;I use this technique to pack my boys clothes when we travel and I then put them in zip lock bags and write on the outside with a marker to show what is inside and who it belongs to,' Ms Thompson-Laing said. As demonstrated in the image provided Ms&nbsp.

REVEALED: NASA's ingenious hack that allows you to make your own solar eclipse safe glasses using just a CEREAL ... - Daily Mail
NASA has come up with ingenious low-tech and cost-friendly ideas to make sure people can look at the once-in-a-century eclipse while also preserving their eyesight, according to The Washington Post. One solution is making protective eye gear using a&nbsp.

This festive season, PoP idol immersion to be eco-friendly and productive affair - Times of India
Nagpur: In a bid to tackle water pollution due to Plaster of Paris (PoP) idol immersion during Ganesh Chaturthi, the National Environmental Engineering and Research Institute (Neeri) in collaboration with city police and Maharashtra Times will be&nbsp.

6 toothbrushes to keep your teeth clean and green - Treehugger
Our teeth are such a small part of our bodies, and yet, if kept clean, they generate obscene amounts of waste. Dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes every three months, which adds up to millions of pounds of non-recyclable plastic going straight.

Smart idea: Dump your waste, get paid - Times of India
NEW DELHI: New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has installed smart vending machines for recyclable waste at Connaught Place and India Gate. The smart machines give monetary reward to anyone who disposes waste like plastic, glass bottle and papers.

How Syrian Zoo Animals Escaped a War-Ravaged City
The plan was to travel from Aleppo ... onto a 45-foot tractor trailer—a dangerous and strenuous task without drugs to anesthetize them or heavy equipment to lift the 900-pound metal transport cages. The rebel-held Green Zone around Magic World posed.

'There's nothing wrong with a bit of flirting!' Sam Thompson chats up Mimi Bouchard and Harry Baron gets a drink ... - Daily Mail
Mimi is sure to relish the idea of a summer romance, after the disaster she went through in season 13 when she commented that Fredrik Ferrier was 'hot' and consequently blamed for the downfall of his relationship with Liv Bentley. Elsewhere, there's a.

Louise Watts, from London, turned the vehicle into an eco-friendly mobile home - Daily Mail
Londoner Louise Watts, 36, who manages a corporate graphics team, researched the project on YouTube to help her draw up plans for her eco-friendly home on wheels, which has a cosy nook for sleeping, a shower, and a kitchenette with solid oak surfaces.

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