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Shake Shack to open in the District at GV Ranch - Las Vegas Sun
The Henderson location features green architecture and eco-friendly construction, using recycled and sustainable materials, a company spokesman said. The walls are adorned with reclaimed cedar and Oregon White oak logs, repurposed into wooden plans.

11 ways to green your laundry - Treehugger
These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint associated with our wardrobes. Like many of the tips and ideas we highlight on Planet Green , making your laundry more eco-friendly has multiple benefits: It's.

Why an eco-friendly lifestyle is important - Times of India
News; »; Lifestyle; »; Health & Fitness Tips ; »; Why an eco-friendly lifestyle is important. Pooja Bedi's girl is a diva like ... Why an eco-friendly lifestyle is important. Meghna Mukherjee ... While governments across the globe are adopting green.

The Paper Saver is the most eco-friendly notebook ever - Treehugger
The Paper Saver comes without paper inside, because it's meant to be stuffed with old, discarded printouts from your home office. The eco-friendly notebook business is pretty hot these days, with beautiful covers enclosing thick piles of 100 percent.

Watch your waste paper grow into lush plants - Times of India
And thus, what started out as a balcony garden, paved the way for her 'go green ' mission. Starting out with modaks and mud tiles with seeds ... An eye for creativity contributed to the idea , explains Mansi, "I had seen this campaign in Japan, where a.

The 10 most popular food trucks in America - CNBC
Food trucks have come a long way from their early days of selling plastic-wrapped sandwiches and bland coffee to factory workers looking for something cheap and quick. Today these mobile eateries feature unique offerings of every type — from freshly&nbsp.

10 things not to replace once they're used up or broken - Treehugger
Learning to live without these unsustainable and/or unhealthy items is easier than you think. Tips and inspiration, here. Going cold turkey on wasteful habits can be challenging, but this approach is a good way to ease into more eco-friendly practices.

Eco-friendly converted van home is full of hidden features - Curbed
Think living in a tiny mobile home means giving up storage and large items that you could only have if you had lots of space? Think again. Wanting to explore his interest in alternative housing, Ross Lukeman of Alternative Homes Today converted his.

9 things all vegans who travel know to be true - Metro
Whether opting for a simple city break or an exotic retreat, vegans who travel take their convictions with them. And there's plenty of ways to enjoy yourself while championing animal welfare. Here are nine things that all vegan travellers will know.

The Bollinger B1 is a rugged electric all-wheel drive sport utility truck - Treehugger
With 10" of wheel travel , it's got plenty of wiggle room for rough country, and with seating for four, the B1 can carry the whole crew along. ..... The most eco-friendly off road SUV is the one that is never built. chowhound • 2 weeks ... The good.

Eco-Friendly RVs and Extravagant Mobile Estates | Car Club USA - Autoblog (blog)
For those looking for more – more features, more space, even a second floor – there is an RV for them. Inventor Ron Anderson went from a career in medicine, to customizing rock-and-roll tour buses, to building two-story RVs for movie stars like Will Smith.

You Can Stay at This Hostel in Greece for Free - (blog)
It's not the first of its kind, but the hostel's work-to-stay program sounds pretty revolutionary, especially when you consider the expense of contemporary travel — guests become quasi-employees, committing several hours a day to the running of the.

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