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The insider guide to tipping abroad - The Times (subscription)
Parts of the world that don't expect tips include Sweden and Iceland. ... The exceptions to the rule are the US, where £3-£5 for a couple of bags is customary, and Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Iceland, Japan and China, where you needn't bother.

Crohn’s Guide to Navigating Bathrooms Around the World
Aside from obvious latrine locations, here are some tips for how to find and properly use toilets around the world. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your mode of travel ... latrines Commonly found in Japan, these models are called.

10 Tips For Traveling To Japan From A First-Timer - Forbes
Read my first impressions here, my visit to Odaiba here, my visit to Akihabara here, my last day in Tokyo here, my first day in Kyoto here, my shrine visit here, and my traditional inn excursion here. After nine days in Japan , my sleep schedule finally.

Visiting Bangkok? Insiders share tips - CNN
Editor's Note — CNN Insider Guides are thoroughly checked for accuracy. Given the fluid nature of the travel industry, however, some listings may fall out of date before guides can be updated. The best practice is to confirm current information on.

How to Travel to Cuba Now - New York Times
Trump recasts Cuba policy, takes harder line than Obama on military, travel Miami Herald.

HOW TO AFFORD AND PLAN THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME In my New York Times best selling print guide, How to Travel ... of savings tips in this book, you’ll be able to lower your costs and spend less than $50 a day whether you are in Thailand, Japan, Australia.

Kumano Kodo guide unfairly singled out - The Japan Times
As a guide , English teacher, consultant for the city and guide trainer, I emphasize and share the belief that understanding the diversity of the guests who are coming to visit Japan while trying to assess their traveling needs, as opposed to unfairly.

How to eat in Tokyo like it's your last week on earth - Good Food
Tokyo is overwhelming at the best of times, so my strategy was to gather tips and articles before compiling a master list of places to eat and drink arranged by suburb. It worked, but as is the case in Tokyo, things don't always go according to plan.

Here's What Japan-bound Travelers Need to Know About North Korea's Missile Tests - Travel+Leisure
While many people in Japan and South Korea have grown somewhat used to the frequent military displays from North Korea, U.S. travelers who had booked trips to Tokyo or the Japanese islands are understandably spooked. Travel + Leisure spoke with&nbsp.

Tokyo in autumn: the best things to do and see
From seasonal sights and arts events to traditional festivals and tech expos, there is a lot happening in Tokyo from late September through to December – making the autumn months a great time to visit.

Sherpa turns Instagram's best photos into a travel guide - TechCrunch
But a new application called Sherpa launching this week believes that some of the best travel ideas can be found on Instagram. The iOS application curates photos from top Instagram photographers and turns them into visual travel guides that are.

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A red-lipped, kimono-clad geisha vanishing around a corner. Riverside cherry trees bursting into cloudlike bloom. Zen gardens with raked sand and haiku-inspiring rock formations. There are perhaps few more evocative city names than “Kyoto”. While Tokyo&nbsp.

TripAdvisor Presents "Luxury for Less Guide" to Help Travelers Afford Their Dream Vacation - Markets Insider
Japan is a diverse country and many travelers have Tokyo on their list of must-see destinations. Cooler months are ideal for a city trip, including the TripAdvisor best value month of May, when travelers can save up to $67 on hotels. Travel tip : Avoid.

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