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Winter holidays: readers' tips, recommendations and travel advice
The most stunning memory of any holiday, winter or summer, was the experience of standing on the Snaefells Glacier in western Iceland in November ... venues in this compact capital with free city bus travel between the locations during the festival.

Details on a winter trip to Iceland
Delta also flies between MSP and Reykjavik, a trip that requires connecting flights during the winter months (1-800-221-1212 ... We used Reykjavik-based Iceland Travel (a subsidiary of Icelandair Group) for our travel plans. The company, which offers.

The Accessory Junkie gives tips on finding the best artisans in Cartagena
Ursula Lyon and Michelle Reeves travel around the world curating a collection of jewelry ... They are in the middle of selling the winter collection. This fall, their travels took them to Cartagena, the charming, seaside colonial city in Colombia.

How to survive a trip to London’s Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland is one of London’s most popular December attractions, so we asked some of our Time Out Tastemakers for their top tips for those visiting this season. If you’re thinking of heading down, a little planning may pay off. Here’s what the.

10 winter travel tips to get you through airport security quickly
Here are some travel tips to help you get through airport security quickly this winter! Nothing gets you held up in the security line, or worse, pulled aside for additional screening, like having a suspicious-looking or hard-to-identify item in your carry-on.

The 26 best places to travel in 2018
Among our finds: a northern destination that could be the next Iceland, America’s new beer capitals and ... Claire Volkman As the host for the Winter Olympics in February, South Korea has been garnering much interest. But even without the games, the.

Glacier Hiking in Iceland - Complete Guide
and other items that will make your winter trip more enjoyable. Travel in Europe. If you're looking for somewhere amazing to spend New Year's Eve, look no further than Iceland. These tips will help you plan your New Year's Eve in Iceland! If you're heading.

Winter in Paris: Best Places To Sneak A Kiss, And Other Tips On How To 'Go Local'
In short, choices galore for all romantic tastes. Places to kiss are just one of many ideas of activities offered in the new guide “Mon Hiver A Paris” (My Winter In Paris) published by the Comité Régional du Tourisme for the Paris region. On offer.

Yingling Offers Safe Travel Tips Ahead of Holiday Travel Season
ROUND LAKE BEACH, Ill. – As the holidays and New Year approach, state Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Grayslake, is offering winter travel tips and urging residents to celebrate responsibly. "Travelling safely and responsibly can help ensure everyone gets to where.

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