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The stunning work that got an amateur crowned Nat Geo’s travel photographer of the year
has earned Hong Kong amateur photographer Anthony Lau the title of National Geographic’s travel photographer of the year. The photograph was shot while Inner Mongolia’s temperatures in December 2015 reached between -20 to -30 degrees Celsius (about -4.

How my love affair with history took me on a wild trip to the Central Asian lands
This is the first installment of a two-part travel blog. Many international travel agencies ... Kazakhs now straddle south-central Russia, Mongolia, Inner Mongolia (China), Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, besides being the majority in their homeland of modern.

Mongolia by camel: On the hoof in the Gobi Desert
This was surely the ultimate answer to armchair travel. Moving through a fantastical landscape ... the Gobi encompasses a big chunk of northern China's provinces of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, as well as the southern belt of independent Outer Mongolia.

Meet the Singaporean Girl Who Went Horse Trekking in Kazakhstan for 20 Days
Horse trekking in Kazakhstan is her definition of life After a horse riding experience in Inner Mongolia ... Her next travel escapade? Michelle expressed her hope to embark on another horse-riding trip but to Western Mongolia this time so she can meet.

See Inner Mongolia in comfort
It was at the Xilamuren grassland that our quiet tour guide ... Inner Mongolia may enjoy spending weeks on fields of grass, living in a yurt - a tent-like structure made from a wooden frame and covered by wool - others may feel a need for a more diverse.

Expert: Traveling to Inner Mongolia
Planet Travel employees Zhou Shuang, Kuang Jiangnan, Liu Fen, a local tour guide and employee He Yong at the Xiangshawan Desert in the city of Erdos, Inner Mongolia. Photos provided to China Daily The note board is an essential part of daily work at Planet.

At one with nature in Inner Mongolia
Alternatively, fly into Inner Mongolia's capital city, Hohhot, through several cities such as Hong Kong and Beijing. It is possible to take a car or bus to travel from Baotou to Hohhot. The journey takes about two hours. An autonomous region in the north.

Tall Tales: Travels in Inner Mongolia
As a journalist based in China, sometimes you are assigned to cover news conferences on the six-party talks, sometimes you cover natural disasters and sometimes you cover the wedding of the tallest man in Inner Mongolia ... His story is a great one.

China travel tips and advice for first-time visitors: 20 things that will surprise you
However, not everything is as it seems in the Middle Kingdom and, if you're on your first visit, there will be plenty of surprises in what is not only one of the world's great travel destinations ... Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia, and find wild, rugged.

Travel guide for the National Day holiday
Ejin Banner (Ejina Qi in Chinese), located in Alxa League, is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It borders east to Alxa Right Banner, southwest to the famous Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu Province, and north to.

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