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How to avoid the middle seat on the plane
It’s part of its Woman Flyer initiative introduced in March to protect solo female fliers in a country known that is listed as the fifth most dangerous countries for women travellers by the International Women’s Travel Centre. It also offers assistance.

How to Pack Light: 9 Tips to Lighten Your Load
You should lay all your items in a way that allows you to see everything -- this will help you lighten your load and prevent you from bringing that extra bathing suit or pair of shoes that you could probably do without. Plus, by starting the packing.

Step by Step Guide: Travel To India Made Easy
this is small compared to what local women deal with all the time here. I could go on and on about this, but I have dozens of times on my blog, so instead, I’m going to link to articles you should definitely read: 14 tips for solo female travel in India.

5 Tips for Meeting People as a Solo Female Traveler
Women Travel: Here is an interesting infographics ... The sites empty out and you'll have fewer crowds to fight. Tips for Surviving an International Flight - my carry on packing list for my wanderlust loving, international travel bug ♥ Read more.

7 Tips To Make Sure You Hit The Ground Running
Well here are some basic tips to help you hit the ground ... The free WiFi will also enable you to make international calls abroad for free with Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. Pack a portable battery pack so you can recharge your phone.

Working Holiday Visas: Are You Qualified?
Singapore might not have been on your radar before, but with a working holiday visa it should easily top your travel bucket list. Sound like your kind of gig? Before you pack your bags ... the better the tips! You can make quite a bit of money if you.

'Let the man be dominant, and DON'T try to be his intellectual equal': Sex tips for women from an outrageously ... - Daily Mail
A vintage relationship guide aimed at women reveals the outrageous sexism practiced by men during the Forties. Thomas Horton's 1945 book What Men Don't Like About Women, which was recently unearthed by TheDebrief, lists a woman's 'discourteous&nbsp.

Janine Starks: 20 ways to cut the cost of your next trip abroad
Travel tips: The best pre-paid currency cards * The fashion writer who travels the world by skimping at home Airline tickets were purchased via Doha with inconvenient layovers at bargain prices. These two young women were a refreshing wake-up call.

Half-nude with fanny pack of gold, Canadian's killing a Knox County mystery decades later
Detectives found a black duffel bag nearby that contained maps and various travel receipts. A fanny pack stuffed with nearly 5 ounces ... abandoned his Chevette at the Vancouver International Airport and rented a Nissan Altima there. On his third try.

10 packing tips from a travel pro for a best-case scenario
Unless you really can't travel without taking every single thing you own ... Ten pieces of clothing can turn into 14 outfits if properly planned. Women can achieve this by packing four bottoms, four tops, a sweater or blazer and a dress.

8 tips for surviving long flights
I was fresh out of college when I got my plane routine down to a science, but these tips can apply to any business traveler ... This is one of the simplest ways of making an international flight tolerable. And they're free on most airlines.

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