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Weng Weng in New York for Friday the 13th
Andrew Leavold on tour to promote new book and film This Fall director ... Follow in detail the amazing journey of one man’s obsession with exposing the truth behind the two-foot-nine James Bond of the Philippines. Join Leavold at one of his two New.

Column: Behind the fear and loathing for Friday the 13th
There’s also the Judas thing — Jesus plus 12 disciples equals 13. Guess who’s the odd man out. Others say 13 is the number you get when a coven of witches is joined by The Devil. And there are some bloody historical markers that stretch back to the.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: A classic 1998 interview with the Kilmainham-bound Nick Cave
If that started to be the point behind my music, I know I wouldn't be given songs for ... Down The Wind and then narrated by a stoned blues musician". "For me, Euchrid is Jesus struck dumb," Cave wrote in The Flesh Made Word, his essay on language and.

The 21 Things You Need To See, Read, Hear And Visit This Winter
Now, a man previously best known for the 2012 sci-fi Looper has the weight of interplanetary expectations, not to mention billions in ticket sales and merch, on his relatively callow shoulders. But he also has the forces of Walt Disney Studios behind him.

Candela: The Italian town paying people to move there
Most young people have fled in search of a brighter future elsewhere, leaving behind the elders. However Gatta is on a ... the mayor's right-hand man. Tax credits on city waste disposal, bills and nurseries could also be offered. There are three main.

The Ties That Bind Muhammad Ali to the NFL Protests
At the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, sports curator Damion Thomas met me for a tour of the museum's exhibit on ... “This is what the white man will do. This is what can happen to an innocent black person.

The Last Hours: Exclusive book extract
There is no salvation except in the Lord Jesus Christ ... had believed in these myths for centuries, and it wasn’t until a Venetian sailor, Marco Polo, wrote of his travels east to Cathay and his failure to find a single man with the head of a dog.

Meet the Real Count Dracula This Halloween
For a more accurate look at the man behind the myth, you'll want to visit Poenari Castle instead ... For starters, you can sign up for the Count Dracula Tour at Bran Castle, which also includes an overnight stay at the seriously spooky (and most likely.

The 50 Greatest Living Athletes
He could've made second easily—but that would've left first base open and the Mets would've intentionally walked Hart to pitch instead to the light-hitting man behind him ... He didn't even have to skate fast. Jesus. Charo. Drake. True legends are.

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