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5 travel bloggers you need to know now
These travel bloggers can draw you a map and point you in the right ... and she's shared her experience staying in the fashion capital, along with tips on how to take picture-perfect shots at the Louvre. She's inspired many through her blog, YouTube.

How Not to Get Sick in India
When you tell someone you’re going to India ... guide travelers to restaurants of the highest culinary and sanitary standards, she provides recommendations to her and her husband’s favorite eateries around the country. “We recommend places we know.

Move over Raju the guide. The PhD travel expert’s here
These may entertain but visitors who would rather be enlightened prefer a more scholarly guide, schooled in their special interest to broaden the mind. When an Indian travel company ... the odd one that demands to know why India doesn't look after its.

Are you a first-time traveller? Here are a few things to keep in mind
Arm yourself with some handy tips ... in India or overseas, say experts. Aloke Bajpai, CEO and co-founder of travel website ixigo, suggests a few things you need to keep in mind when travelling in India if you are a foreigner: 1. If you know English.

Ten India Travel Tips I Wish I'd Known
Travel ... know, 3 x 2= 6 (duh!) so bear that in mind when your planning where to visit and for how long. 2. Don't get your cash at the airport - Or, at the very least, don't change up ALL your money at the airport. You'll need to change up some as India.

India Itinerary for Month Winter Trip: Rajasthan and Uttarakhan
Everything you need to know if you are planning road trips in India. What to do and what to expect on your ... cycling or cooking there's something for Offbeat Goa Travel Guide - Find out how you can experience Goa's unexplored destinations in my travel.

7 Travel Tips for the Hopelessly Disorganised
I’m looking at you, India.) Check, check and check again ... To date, I’d really recommend Audley but as I find others I’ll let you know. So that’s it: my seven travel tips for the hopelessly disorganised.

Rajasthan, India: readers' tips, recommendations and travel advice
Our eloquent and incredibly knowledgeable guide, with us for 14 days ... Astronomy at its simplest and best for us know-littles. 10. A travel tip for the ladies – always have a torch in your handbag. Sometimes the lavatories are not lit and some light.

Solo Biking across India – 10 tips to prepare and travel safe
We give below 10 tips on planning a long motorcycle trip across India which would prove helpful to every biker ... the exact route and time of travel well in advance. Investment in the right type of equipment needed for the tour is essential and this.

Travel tips for your first trip abroad
If you are planning to travel abroad for the first time and are somewhat apprehensive, then relax! Here are some useful travel tips, by Kapil Goswamy ... it's always better to read up some books as well and know a few keywords of the local language.

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