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Fantastic animals of Indonesia and where to find them - Jakarta Post
Komodo dragon. The Komodo dragon is an endemic species to Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. It is suggested to travel in groups and hire a local guide to ensure safety while exploring the national park. Read also: Tips for visiting Komodo National Park.

19 amazing facts about Indonesia, the wildlife haven with a very confusing flag - Telegraph.co.uk
Stanley Stewart visited the islands for Telegraph Travel last year. He wrote: “Our guide Harry Christensen, a proper ocker Aussie who has been sailing these waters for years, told us how the Komodo's venom induces shock and heart failure in its victims.

Tips for visiting Komodo National Park - Jakarta Post
Instead of wandering around by yourself or staying with the locals, it is highly recommended to hire an official guide or ranger for your trip to the park as they have experience and knowledge regarding the animal. Although Komodo dragons have bad.

See a Komodo dragon in its natural habitat at Indonesia's Komodo National Park - The Straits Times
THE BUSINESS TIMES) - There is nothing to prepare you for your first sight of the Komodo dragon in the wild. You may have seen one at the zoo, but when you're barely two metres away from this giant monitor lizard with only a park ranger in between,&nbsp.

British tourist captures footage of rare megamouth shark - AOL UK
British Diver Spots a Rare Megamouth Shark near Komodo Island in Indonesia DoonWire (blog.

East of Bali, underwater exploration via island hopping
My Star Clipper cruise in Indonesia started in and returned to Bali ... and the fish were smaller than I was used to in Florida. One guide said the area is fished by locals illegally, which might have had something to do with it. Gili Kondo is small.

The Best Way to See Indonesia
You get off the boat with purpose, with a guide ... Back in the “trading days,” Indonesia was known for its production of nutmeg and cloves, among others, centered in a chain of more than 1,000 islands northeast of Komodo National Park called the.

Trouble in Paradise: Komodo Island, Tourism and Conservation - Indonesia Expat (registration) (blog)
But many tourists who have been to Komodo Island do not know that there is a local Komodo people whose culture and language are distinct from those of West Flores's Manggarai people. Out of the many marine destinations I've visited in Indonesia , “The.

A home away from home - TODAYonline
Similar to the other rooms on the property, the living room and bedroom are decorated with pieces of art featuring animals found in Indonesia , such as the Komodo Dragon and rhinoceros. If you are the sort who likes to cook, each unit comes with a fully&nbsp.

Top News in Sailing Ship Cruises - Travel Agent
Adds Nanci Ott, Tinker Travel , LLC, an independent agency in the Avoya Travel Network, Arroyo Grande, CA: “The engineering of the sails on these ships is amazing and it's a magical moment to watch their mighty mast be touched by the wind and carry you.

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