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Here's What It Takes to Run Games at 16K Resolution - ExtremeTech
But for those of you who prefer to game on sheer resolution alone, Linus Tech Tips has put together an astonishing video of how they managed to build a 16K game rig with $10,000 in GPUs and 16 4K displays built from 16 27-inch Acer Predator panels, in.

ASUS Announces B250 Expert Mining Motherboard Aimed at Cryptomining Users – Features 19 Expansion Slots ... - Wccftech
The ASUS B250 Mining Expert motherboard features a range of advanced technologies , including Triple ATX12V Power Delivery and PCIe Slot State Detection & Mining Mode BIOS Optimization. It also comes with a mining specific BIOS that delivers superb&nbsp.

Gaming on the Go: The Best of Laptop Gaming
PC gaming just isn’t good for the road trip, so unless you and your buddies are on some washed up rock star’s tour bus — we won’t judge ... or teamspeak headset that you with their desktop setup? Good for you but leave those extras behind.

LG’s UltraWide Festival offers $10,000 “Dream Setup” to Participants
Simply put, if your setup is weak ... or professional vlogging. Linus runs a YouTube tech review channel based on computers sets. Lewis runs a trendy tech product review channel, Unbox Therapy. Jahova runs a YouTube gaming channel featuring videos of.

LinusTechTips builds $30000 gaming PC, runs 7 gaming setups at once - TweakTown
The guys at LTT built an insane $30,000 gaming PC that is capable of driving 7 different PCs, each with their own 3440x1440 UltraWide monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The 7 systems run as separate virtual machines, each rocking an Acer Predator X34&nbsp.

How to build a tiny but powerful entertainment PC for under R8,000 - MyGaming
While the traditional place for gaming PCs is at the desk, advances in computer hardware and accessibility has allowed computing to move into other areas. In fact, with the increasingly recurrent revision of console generations, many gamers have begun&nbsp.

Intel Launches Core i9 X-Series CPUs, 10-Core Available Now, 18 in October - ExtremeTech
Intel's new Core X processors – South African pricing MyBroadband.

I'm Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips, and This Is How I Work - Lifehacker
Nowadays you can find daily videos on LinusTechTips , his eponymous YouTube channel where he and his team discuss the latest hardware and methods to push your computing rig to the edge. We caught up with Linus to learn about his current setup and&nbsp.

Is 16K Gaming A Future Reality Or Silly Internet Experiment? - The Fresh Toast
Posting the video on his popular Linus Tech Tips channel, Linus constructed a gig with 16 4K monitors all working in sync with one another. He played games like Minecraft, Tomb Raider, and Civilization on his contraption that more resembled the setup.

LinusTechTips builds a $30000 PC capable of running seven gaming setups at once - TechSpot
Back in October, YouTube tech reviewer LinusTechTips created a single PC that was powerful enough to run two separate, high-end gaming machines, each with their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. But it seems that wasn't enough for the PC fan, as he's&nbsp.

This custom $30000 PC is a gamer's dream; can support 7 gamers with just one rig - BGR
AMD Radeon R9 Nano video cards. The video below, put together by YouTuber LinusTechTips , shows how this monster rig came together while touching on many of the problems that had to be overcome in getting all the disparate parts to work in harmony.

War of the mosquito sexes: Scientists and Google launch a high-tech war to combat Zika - CNBC
quot;There are thousands of different mosquitoes, but just one is responsible for spreading almost all of the cases of those four diseases that sicken hundreds of millions of people a year," said Linus Upson, vice president of engineering at Google's.

Virtual Reality Home Theater: Whole Lotta Hype - For Now - Audioholics (press release) (registration) (blog)
Venture capital firms and technology evangelists alike have been jumping on the VR hype train, ever since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sank $2-billion to buy what became Oculus Rift in 2014. Attendees at Facebook's F8 2017 Developer Conference&nbsp.

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