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Career girl by day, stripper by night!
Now, she makes anywhere from $400 to $1,000 a night, from which she tips $120 to $140 to the owner and staff ... While it’s forbidden for customers to publicly touch a stripper at a professional club, here clients can fondle or kiss a woman on her.

3 Reasons Microsoft Is Losing The Plot [Opinion]
Feedback from tech professionals about Metro UI has been predominantly ... reason to upgrade and then pay the extra for Media Center. I actually think the new Metro UI is a perfect fit for a media center machine powering a 50″ plasma TV, which is why.

Theresa May Calls for International Regulation of Cyberspace in Wake of Attacks
On Saturday night, three men used a large van to attack pedestrians on London Bridge, exited the vehicle with knives, stabbed more victims and were eventually shot by police. In response, the Prime Minister of the UK has called for “international.

AWS CISO needs permission to visit his data centres
a stance Schmidt says the company prefers because “tours are not instructive.” There are only so many ways to set up and secure a data centre, Schmidt says. Those methods are well-documented, AWS is aware of them, has deployed those it deems sensible.

Do you suffer from 'brain fog'? Doctor reveals diet is to blame for poor concentration and memory and reveals the tips he has shared with his celebrity clients
And, according to New York osteopathic physician Christopher Calapai ... vitamin C can help combat this. According to Linus Pauling Institute, high levels of this vitamin are found in your brain, where its antioxidant ability has an anti-inflammatory.

India, Switzerland join hands to reduce energy consumption
NEW DELHI: As India strives for a low carbon inclusive growth ... Speaking to The Times of India, Swiss Ambassador Dr Linus von Castelmur said Switzerland was pleased tha t the cooperation of the two countries on energy efficiency in buildings had.

Bárðarbunga: Asphyxiating Policemen, Acid Snow, Fields of Dead Mice and Wow What's That?!
The purpose of this diary is to report results from two recently published studies on plutonium releases from Fukushima to the Pacific Ocean. The post contributes to an ongoing series where results.

Playing Video Games On 16 Monitors At Once
Here’s Linus Tech Tips with a chiropractor’s dream: playing a single PC game across 16 monitors at the same time. This isn’t something you would do to enjoy these games. Between the bezels and the framerates they’re practically unplayable.

Kathy Griffin ‘No Longer Sorry’ for Decapitated Trump Photo
Griffin faced immediate backlash after a photo from the shoot went viral, and repercussions from the stunt included several venues on her stand-up tour canceling, and losing a hosting gig at CNN. At the time, she issued a video and held a press conference.

Follow These People on Twitter to Help You Understand the Trump/Russia Connection
But one doesn’t want to be uninformed! So here is my solution, sort of, when I can restrain myself from nervously tapping and clicking my phone for new news, kind of like one does with a rosary, if a rosary also had the power to deliver jolts of.

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