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The truth about the Airbus A380: Things you didn't know about world's first 'superjumbo' - Traveller
If the unlikely concept of the " flying elephant" began with Disney's Dumbo movie in 1941, and continued with the first "Jumbo" – Boeing's 747, which went into service in 1970 – the A380 was the world's first "Super Jumbo". It is so large (73 metres.

Long-haul flight tips: How to survive the world's longest flight - Traveller
Plane type matters: "The Boeing 777 is a beautiful plane ," said Brian Kelly, founder of the popular travel blog The Points Guy, who logs about a quarter-million miles each year, "but the Airbus A380 is significantly quieter in the cabin, and the ride.

Tips for first long distance flight w/transfers - Air Travel Forum
Although I love to travel, my longest flight to date has only been 4.5 hours long. That is about to change, as my in-laws are taking us to Australia (from Norway) this christmas. However, because of work I will be travelling a few days after the others.

5 tips for a long-haul flight, according to cabin crew - cosmopolitan.com (UK)
Let's get real for a second: no one really enjoys flying long haul. Even if you've got great movies, a selection of snacks and a super exciting holiday coming up, it's more a necessity than a pleasure. But with that said, the cabin crew at Emirates.

20 ways to fly like a pro - Business Insider
long. Consider the 20 tips below to make yourself more comfortable on your next trip . ... There's also the chance that you'll get sick, and no one wants to spend the better part of a long - distance flight in a cramped — and possibly not-so-clean.

How to Move When You Have Dogs and Cats - New York Times
Long - distance moves, especially international trips, may require a flight . Flying 101: It's not as simple as just showing up at the airport with your pet. Rules and regulations for flying pets vary by airline . But on most commercial flights , small dogs.

A Fresh Take on Travel: The Benefits of Exploring Close to Home
That said, those limitations don’t have to stomp out your wanderlust—that craving for fresh air and adventure to somewhere unknown. For our family, travel and adventure ... I remember some long-distance trips with our little ones when they could.

How to survive a long-haul flight - the ultimate guide - Mirror.co.uk
Jet-setting off to an exotic destination is always exciting, but the prospect of spending seven hours or more in an economy seat on a plane at 38,000ft is far less appealing. Long -haul flights can often leave you feeling tired and grimy, and don't get.

Planning to Travel? Don't Let Heart Disease Stop You - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic (blog)
When traveling by plane , use a suitcase and carry-on that has wheels, or get help with your luggage from a porter or fellow travel mate. Also, request an aisle seat so you can easily get up and walk around. If you travel a long distance , there's an.

5 Carry-On Packing Tips for Long Flights
Cramped cabins, dry air, and the endless monotony of long-distance air travel can ruffle even the coolest of customers. To make the in-flight portion of your transcontinental journey a little bit easier, I’ve organized my foolproof plan for staying sane.

3 Tips for Passing With Touch
Often much less force is required, particularly when the distance between passer and receiver is ... You must make sure the pass is neither too short nor too long, but just right. Using more force than is necessary often makes it harder for the receiver.

5 tips for long distance relationships - Myjoyonline.com
Finding the coin to travel to see each other is a struggle, especially if the distance is huge, so a good way to ensure you can visit every now and again is to set up a shared fund to pay for flights . You can do this either electronically on a site.

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