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Why, God Why: Disturbing Nes Controller Scars! - (blog)
This is a Nes Controller. Below is a Nes Controller on Drugs. Any Questions? Seriously what is below after the read more is not for the faint of heart, I repeat not for the faint of heart! You have been forewarned. The likeness of a Nes controller was.

The Doomsday Vault Isn't Flooded But We're All Still Going to Die
Officially known as… The Doomsday Vault is about 800 miles north of the Arctic Circle and holds close to a million seed samples from all over the world. The idea is that if a certain crop goes extinct, there will be backup samples waiting in the middle.

Remote St. Helena is putting out a welcome mat to the world with a single weekly flight
These are the names of places on St. Helena, an otherworldly Atlantic Ocean island far from anywhere whose British-ruled population of just over 4,000 is reaching out to the world. Charles Darwin ... One stop on his tour is what is said to be the oldest.

Unconventional Wisdom - Wharton Journal
In the efforts to bridge our academic curriculum with its practical application in the real world , the regional seminar is a unique course offered to the SSF Cohort. Speakers are brought in on a weekly basis to give us insights into various industries.

Mark Wright: an apology. You were a titan of fascinating complexity compared to the dullards in TOWIE now. The Only ... - Daily Mail
The battle between Mario and Lewis over Grace's favours that opened the series doesn't seem to have lasted long, with Grace responding to Mario's attempts to woo her (putting it politely) by telling her best friend: 'Do you know what? I'm not that.

How To Find a WiFi Hotspot Using Facebook
Originally only available in a few countries, the social network’s “Find WiFi” feature is now available around the world. With it you can locate available hotspots and nearby businesses, so you can quickly find a spot near you. The feature works by.

The Warby Parker of Jeans - Wharton Journal
The newest addition to the growing lineup of Wharton-founded startups looking to disrupt the online retail space through niche offerings, Parke New York combines cutting-edge technology, tasteful design and premium fabrics to shake up the world of denim.

_Fifty Shades of Grey'_s Dakota Johnson: An Interview with a Woman on the Brink of Fame -
Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, February 2015. On the eve of becoming notorious with the .... the attenuated looks of an Egon Schiele portrait.) Ward and Dakota spar in various accents—Scottish, French, Welsh, Wisconsin—and are so winning and.

Air New Zealand arrives in Houston - USA TODAY
HOUSTON -- Air New Zealand's inaugural flight to Houston arrived Tuesday afternoon at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport, greeted on arrival by a kapa haka group performing a traditional Maori dance. The dancing – conducted barefoot on the tarmac&nbsp.

Can coal dust be quashed? - Australian Mining
A number of methods are being developed worldwide to combat exposure to respirable dust, relying not just on PPE, but dedicated dust removal systems. At the University of Kentucky, two engineers have developed working models of longwall shearers&nbsp.

THIS DATE IN HISTORY, Sept. 13: Word 'selfie' is born in 2002 - Jacksonville Daily News
Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart with their son, Stephen, 2, on the deck of the French liner Ile De France docked in New York on this date in 1951. The family was arriving from Europe. [ASSOCIATED PRESS]. By Associated Press&nbsp.

Mountain biking Africa: a wild experience
I skid to a stop at the bottom of a powder-dry ravine and figure Mario Ketshphamang has spotted an animal ... Irvine. Mountain biking tour tips 1. Find a reputable company with experienced guides. It was good to know there was an accessible doctor when.

Leadership Through Resilience & Adaptability: Charles de Villaines WG '15 - Wharton Journal
For example, Charles has faced discrimination from a world that may have not been quite ready for such a determined disabled person. Teachers suggested his desire to work in investment banking was too ambitious, and instead recommended a vocational&nbsp.

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