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How to Get Millennials Obsessed With Japanese Tea - Bloomberg
An intimate, eight-seat salon inside Tokyo's Spiral Building, the Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience provides an oasis in a city where the depth and appreciation of tea is often sacrificed to convenience. Tea master Shinya Sakurai has developed his own.

8 Delicious Ways To Cook With Matcha Powder
Originally ground into a powder and compressed to allow it to travel distances, drinking matcha has been a highly formalized part of Japanese tea ceremonies ... One of the first foods to be flavored with matcha powder, mochi's compulsively snackable.

Ocean trout poke on matcha rice - Gourmet Traveller Magazine Australia
Matcha brings a gorgeous earthiness to the sushi rice in this poke, contrasting with the sweetness of the trout and tang of the ruby grapefruit dressing. You'll need. 400 gm sushi rice, rinsed 1 tsp matcha powder (see note), dissolved in 50ml hot water.

Starbucks Japan's New Frappuccinos Come Topped With Chocolate Cake - Refinery29
Starbucks Japan has been doing a lot of creative work with matcha this season, and every new matcha menu item has done more to make us wish we could take a Japanese vacation. The start of spring brought adorable matcha pudding cups that took over our.

Ten Myths About Travel to Japan
One of the newest bullet train projects in Japan will travel from Tokyo over 221 miles west to Nagoya ... "I’d have to hire a tour guide." Information offices can be found in every train and bus station with English-speaking staff, maps, brochures.

Introducing Tea Forté's Matcha Collection - Savor The Experience Of A Delicious Ritual
Our spring harvested, shade grown, stone ground, organic matcha tea is best served in a centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony called chanoyu ... our Single Steeps Matcha is ideal for the office, travel, or to keep with you for a boost anytime.

Japan tourist advice: 11 tips on trains, apps and more
The key is preparation for a journey to Japan. We've taken care a lot of that for you with the tips below, leaving you to puzzle out ... can save a lot of money for travel by train. There are two types of Japan Rail Pass. The Green Pass (¥38,880 or.

What You Need to Know About Matcha Tea
Move over, green juices—there’s a new green health drink in town, and it’s called matcha tea. Matcha, a type of green tea, has been part of Japanese culture since the 12th century, but it’s enjoying a full-on resurgence in 2013. Celebrities from.

KingFish opens, sampling poke, hip-hop and matcha treats - Gourmet Traveller Magazine Australia
Poke circa 2017 isn't exactly new, especially in Bondi, but make a beeline for newly opened KingFish in the Junction and you'll find a fresh spin on the genre with ingredients made in-house, sparkling green tea and matcha cookies to boot. Oh, and did.

An Unassuming Tokyo Enclave Is Having Its Moment - New York Times
Tucked behind office towers and department stores, Tomigaya has slowly become chockablock with matcha -meets-macaron cafes, Instagram-ready shops and internationally inspired yet unmistakably Japanese gastro pubs squeezed between two-story homes. “I don.

Your Guide to Nakano, Tokyo's Most Underrated Neighborhood - GQ Magazine
this mall feature twenty-six separate stores operated by pop-culture purveyor Mandarake, selling comics, DVDs, figurines, clothing, and trading cards. On the fourth floor, look for the shop with the red shrine gate at its entrance. This is.

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