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Starbucks' New Matcha Cups Are Adorable - Refinery29
Hypebeast adds that there's no news on whether or not the matcha pudding will hit stores in America (all clues point to no, since Starbucks pudding isn't really a thing here), but for anyone itching to head to Japan , this is just another reason to get.

Japanese GP Travel Guide
With the Japanese Grand Prix taking place a week after Malaysia, time is of the essence. The team is catching a charter flight from Kuala Lumpur to Nagoya on the Monday between the two races; it will then travel from Nagoya to the hotel in Suzuka by coach.

Could Moringa Tea Be The New Matcha? - Refinery29
If you're nearing your threshold for matcha drinks and foods, it's time to meet its green powdered cousin: moringa tea. It's not actually new (of course, neither was matcha ), and it has been used in Asia and Africa as a medicinal herb for years.

An Afternoon in Daikanyama, the Brooklyn of Tokyo -
The award-winning architecture of this massive bookstore is reason enough to pay a visit, but plan to spend several hours exploring inside. Delve into the extensive selection, organized into six categories including travel , cuisine, and architecture.

Light or Dark Matcha? Experience a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony at Waraku-An in Tokyo
Green tea is strongly associated with Japan; it’s more than just a drink, it’s tradition. In particular, the ceremonial preparation of matcha, the powdered form of green tea, is revered in Japan as a traditional ritual that is preserved to this day.

Tokyo's green tea beer garden gives you all-you-can-drink matcha and hojicha beer this summer - SoraNews24
The restaurant, located in Tokyo's Ochanomizu neighborhood (just across the Kanda River from the Akihabara district) specializes in food and drink that makes use of Japanese green tea, and come June will be kicking off its Matcha Beer Garden campaign,&nbsp.

The Essential Japan Travel Guide
formed the basis for our essential Japan travel guide. We hope the people we met and the places we visited will inspire and aid you on your next adventure to this unique and welcoming country. Travel Tip: When flying into Tokyo, opt for Haneda Airport.

Meet Your Matcha (Tea) Part 1 - Huffington post (press release) (blog)
Zorzini, who lives in London and runs a content marketing studio called Mostash, is a developer and blogger, and his love of matcha is palpable. After his first trip to Japan he became smitten with Japanese culture and lifestyle, including meditation.

5 Reasons to replace your morning coffee with Matcha - KWTV
Meet Matcha green tea. An ancient Japanese powdered green tea that has been served for centuries to monks and samurai. To this day, matcha plays a huge role in Japanese culture and is frequently served in ice cream parlors, bakeries and all sorts of.

DIY Japanese summer treats: matcha ice cream - Japan Today
Matcha , the unbeatable boss of all Japanese teas, is also a tremendously popular ice cream flavor that has won the hearts of many in and out of Japan . From matcha -only ice cream stores to extra rich flavors from popular ice cream brands, the green.

A Guide to Club Med's Two Ski Properties in Japan
For several years now, waves of international travelers have been taking to the snowcapped slopes of Japan. And, unsurprisingly, the largest ski resort operator in the world, Club Med, is capitalizing on the demand. Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, the company.

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