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Travel tips, safety and travel money Caxias do Sul and Rio - Brazil Forum
I'm travelling to Caxias da Sul on 14 April with 4 days stay in Rio on my way back to London. Can someone share the safety, money tips and any advice for the trip? I'm visiting friends in Caxias da Sul but Rio and the airport transfers- how safe it is.

Avoid travel money traps when jet-setting to the Brazil World Cup
Credit cards are widely accepted for payment of any goods and services but make sure you keep an eye on your credit card statement, as credit card fraud and ATM tampering is widespread in Brazil, according to Smartraveller. Here are 5 travel money tips for.

Is It Safe to Travel to Brazil?
Brazil has become known for kidnappings and violent crime, but in actuality, these incidents are very rare. Brazil is generally a safe country to travel in ... If someone asks you for your money or valuables, never fight back. Research the places you.

Brazil Travel: 5 Safety Tips for Women Travelers
If you’re planning a Brazil travel adventure, expect to find some of the warmest ... ways to avoid it and to prevent any unhappy situations. Here are one local’s tips! Almost every store, restaurant, and hotel or hostel in Brazil accepts credit.

13 Things NOT to Do in Brazil
Although Brazil is a relatively safe country, there are still many poor areas, even in the tourist towns. So we advise you not to be overly flashy with your money or valuables ... we have the tips, tidbits and trivia to take you there.

Money & Currency in Brazil
Travelers will need to acquaint themselves with Brazilian currency and money management ... that most ATMs in Brazil work only with a four-digit PIN, so tourists should contact their home financial institutions prior to traveling to confirm service options.

The 9 Best Money-Saving Travel Tips
3-Travel Off-Peak Hotel calendar schedules are still based on historical weather data despite the unpredictability of the weather. Use this to your advantage. An off-peak rate trip to Brazil has 70 degree temperatures. This can be hit or miss so bring an.

40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune
Welcome Stumbled Upon & Delicious Users: You may also want to check out our 180+ Best Money Saving Tools ... site that not only offers some of the best travel deals available, but includes planning tools and tips for a smooth trip. Hotwire's partners.

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