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US, Honduran agents hunt down fugitive wanted on drug charges - Daily Mail
US and Honduran anti-narcotics agents chased and caught a suspected drug trafficker in the wilderness of Honduras' Mosquito Coast , officials said Tuesday. Arnulfo Fagoth Maximo, nicknamed "El Tio", or the Uncle, was arrested near the Nicaraguan border&nbsp.

Zika virus: what travellers need to know - The Guardian
Short Answers to Hard Questions About Zika Virus New York Times.

Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into fire in exorcism ritual - The Independent
Outside a church in a remote part of Nicaragua last week, a pastor and a group from his congregation stood around a bonfire for a prayer, their eyes closed and hands raised. A 25-year-old woman needed healing, and through a divine revelation, a church&nbsp.

I Booked a Surf Trip Like Lena Dunham And It Was Life-Changing - Sporteluxe
Surf With Amigas was started by Holly Beck, a former professional surfer who moved to Northern Nicaragua a few years ago to live full-time with her husband, and now, two kids. The Surf With Amigas retreats take place throughout the year in Nicaragua ,&nbsp.

Health Ministry confirms sixth case of a baby born with Zika virus - The Tico Times
The ministry's report states that in the first 22 weeks of this year there were 175 confirmed cases of the mosquito -borne virus in the country. Of these, 27 are women who contracted the disease during their pregnancy. Most of the infected people are.

Where the Zika mosquitoes are hiding and how to stop them
Dengue, chikungunya and Zika are the ones that I'm very fearful of for the Gulf Coast states [such as Florida and ... What you can do when you travel The first step to avoid mosquito-borne viruses when you travel is to pay attention to travel alerts.

The 'Four Ages' of family travel and how to cope with each one - Wanderlust
You need to remember that everywhere you go there are babies, toddlers, children and teens, accompanied by their parents, full of local advice and helping hands. If they are surviving, you will too. I found that transport was the key, ... My two boys.

Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil puts Colombia on the offensive - The City Paper Bogota
With the recent return of yellow fever to Brazil, Colombian health authorities are on high alert. The disease has not made an appearance in the country's headlines for several years, but is currently making a comeback in Brazil where there is a.

Nine tiny hotels with big hospitality - USA TODAY
When it comes to hotels, bigger isn't always better. Sure, there's something alluring about mega-resorts with seemingly endless activities, numerous dining and drinking options, and all the pools your heart desires. But there's also the flip side of.

Miami's Zika struggle reveals US is unprepared for virus - Reveal
Right now, Florida is home to more than 460 travel -related cases of Zika – more than any state except New York. In Miami, it's mosquito season, and every Aedes aegypti on Vasquez had the potential to carry the disease. Public health officials blame.

Skipper seized over Nicaraguan boat tragedy that killed 13 tourists was convicted DRUGS TRAFFICKER - Daily Mail
Thirteen Costa Ricans Dead In Shipwreck In Nicaragua's Caribbean Q Costa Rica News.

On Nicaragua's Mosquito Coast, conflict over indigenous land turns violent - Daily Mail
In June 2015, he says, illegal settlers shot him and attacked his community of Francia Sirpi, an indigenous Miskito village on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua also known as the Mosquito Coast . "They did it just for the fun of it," he says. Maclovio is.

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