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Why You Should Never Eat Food on Planes, and Other Jet-Set Tips - Bloomberg
Ten years ago, it was [a cabin crew member] on Singapore Airlines on what was, at the time, the longest flight in the world (17 hours from Singapore to New York ). She told me that her tried-and-true trick was not eating in-flight. Basically, at.

Foster Care as Punishment: The New Reality of 'Jane Crow' - New York Times
She was caught up in what lawyers and others who represent families say is a troubling and longstanding phenomenon: the power of Children's Services to take children from their parents on the grounds that the child's safety is at risk, even with scant.

Nanny Admitted Killing 2 Children, Former Prosecutor Testifies - New York Times
Yoselyn Ortega, a nanny, is accused of fatally stabbing two children , ages 6 and 2, in 2012. Credit John Marshall Mantel for The New York Times. A nanny accused of stabbing two children under her care in a Manhattan apartment confessed to the murders.

5 Questions About DACA Answered - NPR
Since it was enacted under President Barack Obama, about 800,000 immigrants who were children when they arrived in the U.S. illegally have received protections from the program. They include stay of deportation and the ability to legally work and go to&nbsp.

After Divorce, Giving Our Kids Custody of the Home - New York Times
We live in a traditional, smallish Midwestern city . ... That's new . What I'm describing is called “bird nesting” or “nesting.” It's based on the idea of the kids being like baby birds and the mother and father birds flying in and out of the nest to.

10 Extraordinary Family Vacations (According to Kids)
For more London ideas and tips, see my article: London with Kids ... allows for a bit of a splurge, the kids highly recommend staying on the west side of Oahu at Aulani a Disney Resort and Spa. New York City is in Eden’s top 3 and in my top 10.

Kids and Money: Do youth sports demand too much money, time?
Recently, Time magazine ran a cover story with the headline "Crazy Travel, Crazy Costs ... according to the Time article. Then there was a recent New York Times story about the International Tennis Federation, the lowest level of professional men's.

What to Say When People Ask Why You Aren't Having Children - New York Times
Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times. Nothing could have prepared me for the invasiveness I face about my fertility plans as a married woman in my late 30s. What was once an occasional topic of conversation five years ago when I first dated Mike, now.

An insider's guide to NYC — from a know-it-all millennial - The Boston Globe
If you've sent a child off to college, or a job, in New York City , your first impulse might be to sob, sniff their pillow, and turn that vacant kiddie bedroom into a shrine. But consider the upside: you now have access to insider knowledge of NYC , via.

Kids Take Over The Times - New York Times
Caitlin Roper, special projects editor at The New York Times Magazine, and Aaron Retica, a senior staff editor in Opinion, were the special guests leading the lesson at P.S. 92 in Corona, Queens — a school where most students are Latino and from low.

1 in 7 New York City Elementary Students Will Be Homeless, Report Says - New York Times
There were 100,000 homeless students in New York City public schools during the 2015-16 school year, a number equal to the population of Albany. The daunting challenges that creates, both for individual children struggling to learn and for schools.

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