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How to up Your Chances of Flying on an Empty Plane
And last September, two American backpackers were the only passengers on a Firefly flight from Krabi, Thailand to Penang, Malaysia ... Receive exclusive travel deals, insider tips, inspiration, breaking news updates, and more.

An insider’s guide to Penang
My favourites: Hokkien mee, Bangkok Lane ... streets of the inner city and you’ll find the true Pearl of the Orient. If you’d like a guide, visit the Penang Heritage Trust, which runs heritage walking tours. Their guides are well versed in historical.

9 reasons to visit Penang that have nothing to do with street food
CNN Travel's series often carries sponsorship ... Check their show schedule online, or just drop by to grab a drink and bite into Penang's hidden side. One of Penang's dying traditions, traditional Hokkien glove puppet theater is kept alive by a mere.

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Cross these stunning destinations off your travel bucket list with Wego ... Enlist the help of a local tour guide to get in early – if you’re lucky you’ll get to marvel at hidden corners and incredible tiny details sans the crowds.

Cafés and Cocktails Amid Penang's Colonial Legacy
Indian and the dominant Hokkien-speaking Chinese, combined with more than 500 years of trading and exchange between East and West in the Straits of Malacca. Penangites love to eat, drink and talk, and Penang is regarded as the street food capital of Malaysia.

Acheen Street Mosque
The small butter-coloured mosque was built at the turn of the 19th century by Syed Hussain Al-Aidid a wealthy spice trader of the Acehnese royal family who had settled in Penang ... the late-20th century when air travel became more affordable, the area.

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Penang, being established as a premier modern Muslim hub, has also produced a travel guide called "Experience Penang - A Muslim Travel Guide" for the benefit of Muslim travellers, providing Muslim-friendly information to aid their discerning needs and.

Malaysia: A short guide to the street food of Penang
I had in Penang. Surprisingly it was quite difficult to find somewhere to eat a good breakfast on the first morning. I had this idea that the food would almost come to you. We eventually ate at a local prawn Hokkien mee cafe, which turned out to be a bit.

Penang Chinese temple draws Singapore visitors for past 6 months to touch 4 huge fish for luck
The number 093 is for the goldfish in the Cheng Jee Tor (Thousand-Number Guide in Hokkien), a booklet of numbers from 000 to 999 representing an item or an action. Tan said one must first offer prayers to the God of Prosperity at the temple before touching.

Translating Penang Hokkien to English with ease
how are you?), you do not have to look puzzled – but reply with "ho" which means “good” in Hokkien. You can thank Sunway University, which recently launched the Penang Hokkien – English Dictionary. This is the first dictionary of Penang Hokkien.

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