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8 Things Malaysians NEED to Know When Travelling to Singapore
Check out some of these pro tips so you can better plan your holiday ... Singaporeans mostly speak English, Mandarin and Hokkien First of all, yes, Singapore’s national language is indeed Bahasa Melayu. However, a majority of them actually don’t.

Penang—Isle of the Betel Nut
Penang, in north western Malaysia, also called Pulau Pinang (Isle of the Betel Nut), derives its name from the plentiful ... At RM5 ($1.25) per entry with free refreshments and a detailed tour guide, it was money well-spent, and I learnt a few valuable.

Ipoh: A cultural and culinary guide to Malaysia's rising tourism star
Editor's Note — CNN Travel's series often carries sponsorship originating ... or just a pit stop on the way to Penang. These days, it's going through a tentative revival, thanks to the recent crop of hotels, cafes, museums and street art in the historic.

Penang Chinese temple draws Singapore visitors for past 6 months to touch 4 huge fish for luck
The number 093 is for the goldfish in the Cheng Jee Tor (Thousand-Number Guide in Hokkien), a booklet of numbers from 000 to 999 representing an item or an action. Tan said one must first offer prayers to the God of Prosperity at the temple before touching.

Malaysia: A short guide to the street food of Penang
I had in Penang. Surprisingly it was quite difficult to find somewhere to eat a good breakfast on the first morning. I had this idea that the food would almost come to you. We eventually ate at a local prawn Hokkien mee cafe, which turned out to be a bit.

16 Tips for Battling Culture Shock on Asia Cruises
And part of the reason you travel is to experience different things, right? Here are our 16 top tips for handling ... a local English-language newspaper website. Most Asian countries have them. In foodie havens like Singapore and Penang, Malaysia, you.

Where Food Is a Religion
For more foreign correspondence mixed with food, war, travel, and photography ... and speaking Mandarin rather than Taiwan’s version of Hokkien and having long lost the ability to speak in Penang Hokkien. I am a Penangite who is unable to speak either.

Hokkien mee – the real deal
In fact, there are lots of Hokkien mee stalls in Penang that will come second to hers in terms of quality. The question some people constantly ask is: what makes good Hokkien mee? Part of the answer lies in the soup. The flavour and taste of the soup go a.

Reawakening history
Unfortunately, there is no street art map of Songkhla old town distributed to visitors, unlike Penang in Malaysia where you can find a map at your hotel to guide you around ... meaning unity and prosperity in the Hokkien dialect. The building used to.

Translating Penang Hokkien to English with ease
This is the first dictionary of Penang Hokkien, a unique language which uses loan words from Malay and English, and covers over 12,000 entries. The dictionary, designed to be user friendly to both Hokkien native speakers and learners, includes definitions.

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