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Tips for traveling with your cat
If you’re thinking of traveling with your cat, it pays to be prepared before you go. Here are some tips for a purr-fect ... up with the best game plan for traveling with your cat based on what she knows about your pet. This may include holistic or.

Travel safely with your pet: 15 tips
If your dog or cat is old, sick or doesn't handle traveling well, consider leaving him or her at a pet hotel or with a pet sitter. If you do choose to bring your pet along on a trip, consider following these travel safety tips from the American Veterinary.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Purr-Worthy Cat Care Supplies
The website features an attractive and easy-to-navigate layout, so customers can quickly find a stylish pet stroller for ... and finding cat travel supplies to ensure a happy companion. O'Brien hopes to give valuable tips and information on keeping a.

Traveling With Pets Tips: A How-To Guide On Vacations With Your Cat Or Dog
Family vacations are no longer just for two-legged children. According to a study by AAA and Best Western International, more than half of U.S. pet owners take their cats and dogs with them when they travel. If you’re looking to hit the road or fly the.

Pet Travel Tips: How to Vacation With Your Cat or Dog
One of the most stressful parts of pet ownership is what to do with your four-legged companion when you travel. While some pet owners opt ... American Kennel Club the has some tips to make the trip as smooth as possible. Health Checks: Bring your pet.

Which Are the Most Pet-Friendly U.S. Hotel Chains (And Which Ones Just Claim They Are)?
It makes sense that people want to travel with their pets ... road with your cat, bird, monkey, snake, or other critter, obtain the manager’s permission ahead of time. On Best Western’s website, dog whisperer Cesar Millan offers tips for road.

Eliminate The Stress Of Car Trips For Your Cat
Out of all the products I have tried, this one works the best to eliminate pet odors and stains. My cat has been traveling for over ten years now, at least three times a year, and she was, at first, a terrible traveler. All of these tips developed over.

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