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New York road trips: Top 5 must-see small towns - USA TODAY
With its varied seasons and landscapes, chances are you can craft your dream getaway somewhere in New York state. Look at a New York map and you'll find lakeside destinations, quaint mountain ski towns and bustling upscale villages with unique.

Oakland Raiders prepare for 10-day road trip to East Coast - USA TODAY
Buffalo Bills Football News, Schedule, Roster, Stats - SB Nation SB Nation.

11 tips on planning a great family road trip - USA TODAY
Some good mobile entertainment: magnetic travel games, books, small dolls or cars, notebook and colored pencils (can be used for games like seeing who can spot the most states on license plates). Just make sure everything is age-appropriate (no magnets.

Road trip guide: Traveling cross-country on US Route 6 - Travel+Leisure
If you dream of taking a cross-country road trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic, then you should definitely consider heading west on U.S. Route 6. As the longest, continuous transcontinental highway in America, this 3,200-mile-long stretch of road.

50 state road trip: Free tourist attractions around the USA - USA TODAY
Looking for a good family trip without spending a lot? has put together a list of free tourist attractions in all 50 states. Take a look through the gallery above for all the freebies. If your tastes trend more toward high end.

Holiday Travel 2017: Best, Worst Times To Travel
For those restricted by their schedules, traveling on the holiday itself results in fewer cars on the road ... more travel tips, check out the TSA holiday travel blog. Dr. David Barlas, an emergency room physician at NYU Langone, says the best trip.

How to Road Trip to Every Michelin-starred Restaurant in America - Travel+Leisure
Orbitz used an algorithm to optimize the trip itinerary, ensuring that foodies wouldn't have to double back on their own paths to travel to each restaurant. The trip starts at Commis in Oakland and is nonstop food action until it ends at Hirohisa in.

In search of the perfect road trip vehicle - USA TODAY
Most Americans travel by car, so this probably isn't an academic exercise for you. It isn't for me, either. This spring, I'll set off on a six-month, 11,000-mile tour along the perimeter of North America. I feel conflicted. I'm a mass transit guy and.

The best road trip games to play with family and friends for guaranteed fun
A classic car game that long predates smartphones and even handheld video games, the License Plate Game has gotten many a pair of siblings through eternal road trips. To play, you’ll need a pen and paper as well as a mental list of all 50 states—you.

Road Trip USA: The mysterious sea serpent of Wyoming - USA TODAY
Headlights swallowed in fog, we arrived at Lake DeSmet in north-central Wyoming on the cries of legend, banshee winds hurling sleet like buckshot against the side of our travel trailer. We trolled up and down the Mikesell-Potts Recreation Area.

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