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US travel warning troubles Cuba's small-business operators
Mi Tierra opened its doors about two months ago and has received mostly European travelers so far, but it's Americans that Estanque truly has in mind long-term. "American tourists consume a lot and leave good tips ... island and represents a U.K. tour.

Celia Brauer: Open-net fish farms and modern mainstream economics, a match made in hell
Members of the Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw, Namgis, and Mamalilikulla First Nations continue to occupy sites on or close to Swanson Island and Midsummer Island ... On their first journey as juvenile smolts, salmon travel north to spend years circumnavigating.

5 great places to visit during October
October is popular month for travel," says Marsha ... It's spring in Cape Town in October, with highs averaging from 67 to 71 degrees F (19 to 22 C). While well-regarded standbys such as Table Mountain and Robben Island deserve attention, visitors in.

Your Galapagos travel checklist: What to know before you go
This applies to most European ... style of travel, but regardless, make sure to have plenty of small bills. Many places won’t accept anything larger than a $50, taxis rarely cost most than $5 and you’ll want plenty of $1 bills for tips.

Cheapo Travel: Why it’s better to skip package tours
You will start chatting with him and, before you know it, you have 10 tips of things ... Why take a package tour? You can find plenty of activities on your own. This sign advertises a diving center trip operated from our hotel on the island of Ko Lanta.

Spike Island: the Irish ‘Alcatraz’ and the growth of dark tourism
Spike Island – the former fortress and prison off the coast of County Cork in Ireland – has been named Europe’s leading tourist attraction at the World Travel Awards ... visions of the island prison, while Robben Island is most closely associated.

Robben Island is SA’s ‘most beloved landmark’
Cape Town - Robben Island was rated the “most beloved landmark ... on millions of reviews and opinions collected on the popular global travel website over the past 12 months. The island, which houses the notorious jail where Nelson Mandela and other.

Thomas Heatherwick: "There was a real worry about whether we could get people to come inside"
From the top of the structure, you can see Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was kept prisoner ... exponentially expanded in the last couple of decades and almost every major city in Europe and Asia and North America has fallen over themselves to.

The best places to watch wildlife in Iceland
The acrobatic humpbacks are the stars of most tours, with schools of white-beaked dolphins and ... Iceland is one big love island. Every summer, millions move into their sea-side burrow to do a little dance, make a little love – and pose for a gazillion.

60 people rescued from stricken Robben Island ferry
National Sea Rescue Institute rescue divers used life rafts to transfer passengers‚ all wearing lifejackets‚ from Thandi to another Robben Island ferry‚ Madiba 1 ... educational and entertaining harbour tours for young and old.

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