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Car rental - Lonely Planet Travel News
Desert road trip , winding mountain passes or zooming around national parks? ... Grab the best car rental deals with our tips . ... If you can plan your road trip away from school holidays or give summer a wide berth, car rental discounts may be your reward.

A local's guide to Brisbane's best beaches - Starts at 60
Tip : Bring the bikes and beach-hop along the scenic foreshore trail, with a stop at the Seaside Museum to school-up on the local history. Eats nearby: ... up the surf stakes? Turn your day trip into a weekend rendezvous and jet over to North Stradbroke.

Weekly turtle races, an owl sculpture that looks like a penis and a big roundabout formed of five mini ones ... - Daily Mail
One contributor has cited an owl sculpture that looks like a penis, another a weekly turtle race and one user explained that where he lived, there's a roundabout with five mini-roundabouts inside it. Here MailOnline Travel takes a peek at the oddities.

Croatia's coolest hangouts
Travel-bag designer Edie Harrop on her favourite of Croatia's islands, from health food shops to secluded coves - and why the islands remind her of Jurassic Park Where to stay: Brown Beach House (, on the Dalmatian coast.

Notre Dame ends its regular season in California every year because USC got cold back in the 1950s
This is USC’s fault, in a roundabout way. Essentially, the Trojans got way too cold nearly 60 years ago. Observe this passage from USC’s media guide. 1959 - Notre Dame ... They said, “Hell nah, we’re not gonna travel for bad weather if we don.

American tourist's 25 observations about Scotland go viral - AOL Travel UK
An American tourist who carried a 1,100-mile road trip across Scotland has shared his thoughts on the country - the good, bad and the ugly. Well, ok, there's no real 'ugly', but there's definitely lots of good and a few bad points. See also: Could this.

10 reasons to visit Greece or Croatia
Greece and Croatia might seem unlikely ... To get to Istria cheaply, travel articles used to recommend flying with no-frills airlines to Trieste in Italy, or even to Ljubljana in Slovenia. Such roundabout methods are no longer necessary, thanks to.

'Just 90 minutes on Eurostar and I was at de Gaulle's birthplace (shame it was closed!)': Author Hunter Davies takes ... - Daily Mail
Over the tannoy at St Pancras Station came a message telling Eurostar passengers that they could upgrade to standard premier for only £39 – and get a free meal on board. Sounded good. After all, I was on a bargain trip . I could afford to splash out. I.

A Guide to Russia's High Tech Tool Box for Subverting US Democracy - WIRED
Yet as much as Twitter trolls dominate the headlines, driving online conversation by appearing to cause groundswells of conversation around pro-Kremlin hashtags, they represent just the tip of a coordinated and voluminous Russian message spear. .... In.

Did Bob Dylan crib his Nobel Prize lecture from SparkNotes? - Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Slate Magazine.

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