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What You Need to Know Before You go for a Europe Trip
Just be sure wherever you want to pass through is safe for travel. If your country has issued ... The above simple tips can be pretty useful for anyone looking to go for a great Europe trip. It’s just the simple facts that you have to keep in mind.

Travel tech traps
The humble dog-eared guide book has been replaced by travel apps, while smartphones ... Check out our destination guides for the best tips for your next adventure to Thailand, Indonesia, the US, UK, Europe and many more places. Use a pin code on your.

Best beaches in Europe: readers' travel tips - The Guardian
Easily accessible and yet untainted by mass tourism, stunning Martinhal beach lies on the south-western tip of the Algarve, at Sagres. A constant breeze fosters an internationally renowned windsurfers' spot, which welcomes aspiring beginners.

The Safest Countries to Visit in 2017 - Travel+Leisure
But travel is hugely important for staying informed, understanding other people and other cultures and keeping fear at bay, and if there's a middle ground — traveling while staying safe — we're all for it. In the World Economic Forum's Travel.

Are Budget Airlines Actually Safe?
Round-trip flights to Europe for less than $200 may be ... but don’t let safety fears keep you from taking that trip. Receive exclusive travel deals, insider tips, inspiration, breaking news updates, and more.

10 Most Dangerous Places For Women Travelers (And How To Stay Safe) - Forbes
With the recent U.S. State Department warning about travel to Mexico in the wake of a woman dying at an all-inclusive resort, safety while traveling is top of mind – especially for women. It's not the first warning about travel to Mexico: In December.

Rick Steves: I got pickpocketed in Paris! - USA TODAY
But don't let the fear of groping grifters keep you from traveling . Besides wearing a moneybelt, here are some other tips for keeping your valuables safe : Be prepared. Before you go, take steps to minimize your potential loss. Make copies or take.

Traveling Internationally With (or Without) a Laptop - New York Times
For safety against identity theft and other woes, delete any unneeded personal documents from the computer or tablet and protect it with a passcode. Make sure you are logged out of social media accounts and any sites that keep your credit card on file.

Europe Beckons, but Security Consultants Urge: Be Prepared - New York Times
“Whether there's a risk or not, you should put in place at least the basic procedures: Think ahead and be prepared,” said Christopher Hagon, managing partner of Incident Management Group, a Florida-based international security consulting firm. Pretrip.

These are the most LGBTQ-friendly countries in Europe - Travel+Leisure
ILGA used six metrics to determine their rating: legal gender recognition, protections against hate crimes and hate speech, equality and non-discrimination, family laws, safe civil society space, and the right to asylum. Malta has passed a host of.

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