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Ilya Glazunov, Painter Entranced by Russia's Past, Dies at 87 - New York Times
Ilya Glazunov, a painter whose reverence for the Russian past and the Orthodox Church put him in conflict with cultural officials during the Soviet era but won him a devoted following after the collapse of Communism, died on Sunday in Moscow. He was 87.

What to see in Russia – readers' travel tips - The Guardian
Shaman shrines, Buddhist stupas, Siberian cowboys and stone burial mounds litter the mountainous landscape, and a fishing excursion with resident sailor and former Soviet pilot Captain Andrei is available for just a few thousand rubles. We learned.

Why You Should Visit Siberia in the Winter (Seriously) - Condé Nast Traveler
When practically every inch of the globe has been Google-mapped, accessing the Siberian wilderness in winter (by dogsled, snowmobile, hovercraft, and railroad) proves freedom of travel is the true sign of luxury. .... tourist visa, even if my satellite.

Gone fishing: Russia's Putin bares chest on Siberian lake trip - AOL
Russian strongman Vladimir Putin poses with a fish while enjoying a shirtless holiday with defence minister pal ... The Sun.

'Blue Whale' suicide game linked to 130 teen deaths is just tip of the iceberg in the world's suicide capital Russia - The Sun
A SICK suicide game called 'Blue Whale' is being probed by Russian cops after being linked to 130 teen deaths. Fears have been raised that the sinister ... Another unnamed 15-year-old girl was also critically injured after falling onto snowy ground.

Tricky Politics Means Huge Business for Russia's Travel Market - Bloomberg
Greg Tepper typically sends 1,500 travelers to Russia every year. Since he founded his company Exeter International in 1992, he's been one of the foremost leaders in the United States of luxury travel to Russia . And this has been his best year in a.

Kindergarten in a sledge: A Siberian guide to preschooling for nomads - Russia Beyond the Headlines
The Nenets deer herders of Yamal roam the tundra all year round. Deer-herding families are large, with three to six children in each. Instead of preschools and preschool teachers, these kids have their parents, the chum and the deer. However, at the.

A warm welcome: the Siberian reindeer herders opening their tents to tourists
When I was told about this pioneering trip by Intrepid Travel ... face of Siberia, from Baikal to the Bering Strait. The Nenets’ reindeer herds were collectivised, and their children sent to city boarding schools where they were taught in Russian.

A trip to Siberia inspired "Madness Treads Lightly"
I wanted the plot to begin far from Moscow and my usual world, somewhere in Siberia. What I knew about Siberia was that ... They only housed people who had official travel vouchers. Naturally, there were brave souls prepared to head for anywhere they.

A Steven Seagal Guide to Eurasia
But for all his absurdity — not to mention sugar-coating of authoritarian rule — his travel itineraries are second-to ... Seagal made his way out to the heart of Siberia, the Russian republic of Yakutia. The star was there as part of a private business.

Glimpses of Siberia - Novosibirsk
Think of Siberia and the first thing that comes to mind is exile. The gulags and the horror of deportation. Predictably enough our tour guide told us her grandfather ... 1.5 million is the third largest city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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