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Rating smartphones for global travel
The best advice is to contact your carrier to find out if your device can be used abroad at an affordable rate, and what its rules for international travel might be. Our guide on using your cell phone abroad has other cost-savings tips.

Top tips on making business travel worth your while -
Saving all travel documents and passport copies to your smartphone or tablet can also be useful if you mislay the hard copies. Most seasoned travellers have harnessed the power of technology to some extent, and Weir suggests the following apps for.

Best Unlocked Smartphones That Work With Any Cellular Network -
These "unlocked," network-neutral phones also make it easier to travel internationally . The smartphones below, which are arranged ... (You can also check out our advice on how to buy a used smartphone .) This list doesn't include every option out there.

Hurricane Irma: Prepare your smartphone for catastrophic conditions - USA TODAY
Residents of Florida preparing for Hurricane Irma may find themselves reliant on a smartphone , in the very conditions smartphones have trouble: rain, flooding and spotty cell phone service. If you're preparing for a hurricane, your survival plan should.

Tips for Using Google Maps When You Travel - Voice of America
If you are traveling with friends, or just want to share your itinerary with others, you can let people know about your travel plans easily using Google Maps. After you ... Or you may not want to pay international charges for using your phone in other.

5 Tips to Prepare for Travel Abroad
Depending upon your cellphone carrier, you may be able to avoid these charges by signing up for an international plan ... Check with the state department for travel advisories Don't assume the country you're traveling to is necessarily a safe one.

5 tips for using your smartphone overseas
Everyone knows we Latinos love our mobile tech –we are considered power users of cellular technology and we simply can’t leave it behind when we travel ... that our cell phone bills were hundreds of dollars more than we expected. With international.

6 International Travel Tips for Working on the Go
It can make sense to buy a foreign SIM card for extended travel if you have an unlocked phone, but I have never wanted to deal with that complexity. I also dislike paying $30 to $60 for an international cell phone plan ... see: 4 Tips for Using Credit.

Save your money and your data by preparing your phone for travel
These tips will make your indispensable travel companion even more resilient and useful. You want your cell phone to last the duration of the ... you might save money by buying a local or international SIM card. When you're on the move, simply swap out.

When You Should (and Shouldn't) Share Your Location Using a Smartphone - New York Times
Is Snapchat's new location-sharing feature a nightmare for parents? USA TODAY.

Rick Steves' Europe: Top tips for Eiffel Tower visitors
Going up the Eiffel Tower is one of the great travel thrills in Europe ... the printing specifications carefully), or have the ticket's bar code texted to your smartphone. (Note that a ticket confirmation itself will not get you in — you must show.

7 genius smartphone photo hacks - USA TODAY
It should be easier than ever to take gorgeous, frame-worthy photos right from your smartphone . That's what Apple's giant “Shot on iPhone” billboards suggest. If that's the case though, why do so many of the nearly 20,000 photos I've shot on my own.

Travel Tip: Using a Smartphone While You're Traveling Internationally - Peter Travel News
International calling charges on cell phones remain the most confusing and costly aspects of the travel experience. Which plan do you have? Which do you need? It all depends, of course, on where you're traveling , your phone call patterns, and how much&nbsp.

How to Prep Your Phone for International Travel - WIRED
and easier. Here are a few options for bringing your smartphone abroad . ... Verizon offers a similar service, Travel Pass, that costs $5 a day to extend your plan to Mexico and Canada and $10 per day for service in more than 100 other countries.

Tips for photographing the solar eclipse - CNN
39;Ring of Fire' solar eclipse will occur on February 26, how to watch - Blasting News Blasting News.

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