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SSX On Tour Review
Strap on the skis or take it old school and keep your board. The choice is yours in SSX On Tour. Monster tricks, a key component in On Tour for consoles, are here in the PSP game as well. Unfortunately, it isn't always clear exactly how to execute them.

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SSX Tricky launches you into a world of monster air, intense tracks, and death-defying tricks. Six all-new competitor... You can ski or snowboard yourself into stardom in SSX on Tour. The game includes 12 levels for racing and performing.

SSX On Tour Review
and they way they're used keeps the tour mode feeling fresh throughout. Gameplay changes over SSX 3 are pretty minor, but do affect how the game plays. 'Ubertricks' are now called 'Monster tricks' and the way they're performed has changed. You still need.

SSX On Tour Review
After a two year hiatus, theyí¢â‚¬â„¢ve moved another mountain of a game with the fourth installment of the SSX series, SSX On Tour. Despite the time ... The outlandish Uber tricks return as Monster Tricks, and there are plenty of opportunities.

SSX On Tour
Pull off jaw-dropping monster tricks to out-style your competitors while hurtling down the slopes at supersonic speeds. You create the hype - the hype creates a legend in SSX On Tour.

SSX On Tour - PS2 - Review
Since that time there has been a couple of sequels that have added more tricks and tried to up the ante in every aspect. EA has released another sequel entitled SSX On Tour and it is another ... will now be performing “Monster Tricks” which are done.

SSX On Tour: Monster Tricks
The SSX series has always been about insane air and impossible aerial maneuvers. EA is pushing the envelope on what riders can accomplish mid-flight with new "Monster Tricks." These are similar to the uber moves of SSX 3 only they are now mapped to the.

SSX On Tour
EA's SSX series ... out the all-new Monster Tricks, or for a new challenge, put away the snowboard and strap on some skis to conquer racing rivals and master a whole new set of tricks. Whichever way gamers decide to play, SSX on Tour promises to keep.

How to Do Monster Tricks in SSX on Tour
SSX On Tour is a classic ski and snowboard video game. The object is to build your stats so that you can do bigger and better tricks, called monster tricks. The only way to beat the game and become a "legend" is to perform all the monster tricks and land.

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