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Well Trained: An Essential Guide to Etiquette on Japan’s Rail System
They are not available in Japan, and with a pass you have access to most (but not all) of the high-speed trains. The second-class pass is fine, too—few people travel first class ... First, buy a Pasmo or Suica card at a subway station: They cost about.

Suica Mascot and a Travel Tip
One of the most often seen Japanese mascots is the Suica mascot, a cute penguin designed ... cards will soon be replaced by applications… Travel Tip: My Suica card was the first thing I ever bought in Japan! It was part of the Suica & N’EX package.

6 Insider Tips For Your Next Trip To Japan
If you want to be savvy when you travel to Japan, know that there’s an unwritten code that applies to everyday routines. For example, wearing the wrong slippers outside your hotel will draw shocking stares. Here are six tips to help you save face while.

11 extremely practical Japan travel tips
buy train tickets in advance and 11 extremely practical Japan travel tips! I agree with most of the, the exception is the Suica/Pasmo card. It is cheaper [if you are traveling a lot] to get a day pass! Some great tips for visiting Japan PREPARED.

Japan tourist advice: 11 tips on trains, apps and more
The key is preparation for a journey to Japan. We've taken care a lot of that for you with the tips below, leaving you to puzzle out ... can save a lot of money for travel by train. There are two types of Japan Rail Pass. The Green Pass (¥38,880 or.

Japan travel tips: 13 things to know before you go
Japan is a country you’ll want to return to again and again. It’s also a very traditional place with a strict etiquette; if you’re visiting for the first time, follow our tips to make sure you don’t get caught out. Always ensure that you take off.

10 tips for train and subway travel in Japan - Tokyo Forum
Japan has the most efficient and cleanest public transportation systems that I’ve ever experienced. You can do this! Here are 10 important tips to get you well on your way to train and subway travel ... to purchase the Pasmo/Suica card in Tokyo (ICOCA.

What You Should Know Before Visiting Japan
be sure to follow these tips. Suica cards will get you around on the subway, metro and Japan Rail, and they can be refilled easily at convenience stores. Taxis are expensive in this country, so download the Hyperdia app to make rail travel easier.

Japan Travel Tips — Part 1
You can continue the read when you finish with Japan Travel Tips — Part 2. So you’re about to take ... Japan has a similar system called Pasmo & Suica, a simple card that can be purchased at all major train stations and pre-loaded with as much.

3 practical Japan Travel Tips
In Tokyo, you can even use SUICA card to pay for purchases at vending machines, some stores and kiosks.) There you have it! I hope these three practical Japan travel tips will help you prepare for the next trip. Japan is a lovely country with wonderful.

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